Jan 27, 2015


By Anum Ali


O, Lord, the heart is aching, 

Pain bleeds, the drippage leaking, 

Collects into an ever-blemished soul, 

Corroding, eroding - the weakling. 

Trials, tribulations one too many, 

A helpless silence shrieking, 

We hold strong to Your Promise, 

A heavenly, silver lining. 

Our tears beseech Thy console, 

Our wounds beseech Thy healing, 

Lost wanderers we stroll the wastelands, 

Our footsteps search for meaning. 

There’s blood thinner than water, O Lord, 

There are ties but with no feeling. 

It is Thy love, still honey pure, 

At Thy council we find ourselves kneeling. 

Bless us with the nerve, O Lord, 

To face the storms upheaving, 

Our hearts cannot forbear the angst, 

Dreams, expectations, shattering, 

We hold Your Promise dear, 

In Your Will we keep believing.

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