Oct 15, 2014

Flowers & You - Gardening for Stress Management & Better Health

By Pervisha Khan

You have a connection with the beauty around you, is what I have concluded after observing houses with gardens and houses with no flowers at all. 

The woman of my house has a tremendous interest in and extreme passion for gardening. And this is what makes her smile when the spring comes. Now I have noticed that the more flowers bloom in our courtyard, the more she gets in a happy mood. This is something interesting. On days when there are fewer flowers, no season for gardening and absolutely no way for her to socialize with her plants, she is usually in a bad mood. I guess they say it right, flowers with their colors, spread in your home and lighten the environment. Absolutely blissful!

In this article, I have included some pictures of flowers around our home. These are the vibrant colors decorating our entrance at the moment.

Plus, I googled something which you should also check. Google "Gardening for stress Relief", the results explain how maintaining a hobby with gardening, spending time with something you love and watching your plants grow give the gardener a sense of beauty and being someone who has achieved something beautiful in this world. I absolutely agree with this. Look at the green in the picture below. Green is soothing for the eyes and something that gives peace to the eyes would also be a comfort for the soul.

So here's a quick advice for you, on how you can fill your life with colors and lessen your stress about anything haunting you.

  1.  Develop a positive Hobby. Do something you love.
  2.  Develop an interest in gardening. Trust me it would give you sheer happiness to watch your plants grow taller and bloom.
  3. Spend time with flowers in your home. Where humans fail to provide comfort, plants turn out to be your best friend.
  4. Talk to them. They do listen. You just can't hear them reply. But if they do bloom then that's the sign that they are happy with you inshaAllah.
  5. Share your gardening adventures with people interested in it. Make it a movement.
  6. Discover what you can grow in your home. Experiment with your gardening skills.
  7. Smile and grow old with plants. 
  8. Grow vegetables in your garden if you want. That's a superb idea.
Gardening would not only make you organized in your routine because you develop a habit of spending time with flowers, it also makes you mentally preoccupied with positivity.

It can serve as your very own project. Who doesn't want a personal project to be this good?

And last but not the least thing to remember, planting a tree or a flower is considered continuous charity (sadaqatul jariya) in Islam. It gives you sawab, meaning it is a means of getting many rewards. And not just for a Muslim, it is something that every good human being can do, believing that he would be rewarded for this good deed. After all, you're taking care of Allah's creation on earth. It's a beautiful act of love.With this intention, one can have endless rewards.

“If a human dies, then his good deeds stop except for three: a Sadaqa Jariah (continuous charity), a beneficial knowledge, or a righteous child who prays for him.” – Sahih Muslim

I'd love to hear your views on this topic. Please leave comments in the section below!


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