Sep 22, 2014

Bringing In Fall - Part 1

By Anum Ali

Part 2


Sherwood green turned to vibrant yellow, the amber then glowed to a full orange, fiery burgundy followed … this is the canvas of Allah (swt); the colors of Fall season in North America and around the world. Having started from September, with a few rain showers and winds or two, Fall continues with great gifts from the Creator Himself. The harvest brings in exotic flavors in fruits and vegetables; pumpkin patches are full, the smell of cinnamon spice fills the air, and chills take over the sultry summer heat. Change is to be celebrated! Being an MBA student in human resource management, I also propose that change should be prepared for. Let’s bring in Fall, shall we?

Habibi Halaqas Style Fall Cleaning
The term ‘Spring Cleaning’ took off from countries that had cold weather. It is the practice of thoroughly cleaning a house in spring, during the first warm days, to get things in order for warm season. The Habibi Halaqas sisterhood was probably thinking of coining their own little term for the cold season, I suppose. And so, I give you the ‘HH Style Fall Cleaning’ which is aimed at helping you manage household affairs, find a creative direction, refresh your wardrobe, and rearrange your kitchen pantry to enjoy the most beautiful season of Fall, inshaAllah.

The men of the house are found boasting about their fall cleaning adventures in a tone that Tarzan would use after he’s taken on Sabor, the tiger. While their share of the workload is bigger with the amount of leaf raking, gutter cleaning, chimney dusting, and etc. that they manage, we ladies are no less than Jane of our jungle! To begin with, we know best which areas of the house need work done. As far as home management is concerned, the cleaning routines, rearrangements, and restocking is our part of the battle. It is important to maintain a checklist that reassures you and the men of the house that you are ready to enjoy the season while following hygiene and safety guidelines.

Fall Fashion for the Modest Muslimah
Fall, and winter that follows, are the most Muslimah-friendly times of the year, I say, because they make the hijabs more comfortable, and layering clothes less critical to non-Muslim eyes. In summers, I get stared at as if I’m Harry Potter with a scar on my forehead when I drape a Hijab on my head in a heat advisory.

To plan ahead, reorganize your wardrobe to stow away the very thin, sheer hijabs and bring forward the thicker Pashminas. Fortunately, there are countless online hijab stores which provide brilliant descriptions of products. Some excellently market a winter collection as well. You might want to be economic and not buy warmer jilbabs and skirts. Instead, invest in some thermal pajamas, woolen leggings, or even cotton sweatpants to go underneath. I am not too fond of hoarding huge jackets and coats upon myself, so I always layer on the inside and keep outside clothing light.

Stay tuned for Part 2!

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