Dec 6, 2013

Fill It With Whatsoever You Wish - Part 1

by Nasmira Firdous



Imagine this: You have just written one of the most amazing books, making it shoot into the best-selling list. You have your name plastered all across the world. You have just been given the most coveted literary award, after being generously appreciated by some of the world’s famous literary giants. The feeling of excitement and joy is palpable. (If you can’t imagine any of this, just think of yourself as J.K. Rowling :P)

But, stop. Just for a moment. What if I told you that one day you will indeed read a book which you and solely you were responsible for writing? What if I told you, on that Day, that book will have a record of ALL your words, thoughts, intentions, actions, every unspoken word and every wrong reaction? What if that book holds the keys to your eternal abode? Grand finale! Would you be eager to open it and gasp with happiness or would you be perspiring and hoping you had righted the wrongs?

Your Book of deeds...
A man insulted Khalid ibn Walid radiyAllahu anhu, so he turned to him and said, “It is your scroll of deeds, so fill it with whatever you wish.” [Related by Muslim and Tirmidhi]

This statement was so profound that I had to remind myself to breathe for a second. SubhanAllah!

Imagine, your book of deeds being filled with every single letter that came out of your mouth, every single breath you took, every single unwanted gaze you enjoyed, every single letter you murmured and thought no one heard? SubhanAllah.

So whilst trying not to get overwhelmed and rather look at how I could make this book more pleasing to myself and, in the process, earn Allah’s mercy, these are the set of reminders I came up with and I hope it would be of benefit to you readers as well, inshaAllah.

You are the sole author...

While we tend to rush and claim copyright for our written/spoken words in this world, whether it is in an online space or otherwise, remember that on the D-Day, you will be the sole author of your book, the ownership is all yours. 

What if your book of deeds was filled with: 

Big or small, good or evil, justified or exaggerated? Imagine if all your thoughts were
automatically connected to Twitter or Facebook and were published immediately for your
friends to see? Reality is, every second spent here will be recorded and read out on the Day of Recompense. How much more powerful is that?

Okay, so you tend to gossip once in a while, maybe about a stranger or friend. If not, then probably you wasted time talking ill of some celebrity. Sadly, this is the most common form of gossiping these days and celebrities become easy targets.

Imagine on the D-Day, *those* people asking for justice in front of our Lord by telling “Oh Allah! You are the Most Just, they slandered me, gossiped about me, spread lies about me, so give me justice,Oh Allah”. So what would happen?

The Prophet sal Allahu alayhi wa sallam is reported to have said: "Do you know who is bankrupt?" The companions replied, 'The bankrupt amongst us is the person who has no money or property." The Prophet sal Allahu alayhi wa sallam said, "The bankrupt from amongst my Ummah is the one who will come on the Day of Resurrection with a good record of Salah, Sawm and Zakah. But he also had cursed someone, slandered against someone, unlawfully took the property of another, killed someone or beat someone. Then all of these abused persons will receive parts of his (abuser's) Hasanaat. When all of his (abuser's) Hasanaat have been removed from his record after he (abuser) pays back for what he owes, then the aggrieved persons' sins will be transferred to and thrown on him (abuser) and he (abuser) will be thrown into the Fire." [Related by Muslim]

Imagine having to transfer your good deeds into their account. SubhanAllah! Good deeds into strangers accounts? What for, ya Ummah!

And if this is the case with strangers/celebrities, then how much more grievous the sins when we slander or talk ill or wish for ill things to happen to our own Muslim brethren, your own friends/cousins/family members/extended family members?

Yes, you will be surrounded with people who belittle your Islamic activity, your struggle to get closer to Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala will be greeted with smirks, but remember when they belittle you, it is their book of deeds and they can fill it with whatsoever they wish. But, you do not have to fret over them or waste time to get “justice”. It will be given in its due time in the way He subhaana wa ta’aala wishes. So, do not go about talking ill about anyone, ever. 

InshaAllah we will continue this discussion in Fill It With Whatsoever You Wish - Part 2. You can look out for it right here on the website.

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