Jul 3, 2013

How Using Diaries and Sticky Notes as Reminders Can Help?



Diaries, when used as reminders, can be very helpful in uncluttering your life from a zigzag into an insha’Allah straight line. See, for we can beat darkness with light, negativity with positivity, unorganized with being more organized. Whatever your profession might be, teacher, doctor, journalist, maid, hair dresser, writer, student, photographer, ‘human’ or one of the toughest jobs as a stay at home mother, just by having a diary around enables you to function within a synchronized structure. This creates harmony around you which therefore, creates peace within you. Diaries are a great source of inspiration in setting your goals and placing your confused mind at rest – insha’Allah.

So how does it work:
  • You can try to buy a diary with written dates on each page or if you do not want to bother yourself with that, just use a notebook.
  • Write the date of the next day and write down a list in imperative sentences explaining what you want to accomplish for the following day. For example: clean clothes, go to meeting, watch a webinar, call my friend and ask about her, do something special for mum, teach my children one ahadith, write a test for my class etc.
  • And the next day, just mark a check next to what you did.
  • And if you have any future appointments, chores, tasks, or errands that you want to get done, skip a few pages and jot down what needs to be completed. If you’re using a notebook, then for example if today was the 1st of May and you have a meeting on the 5th of May then skip four pages and write down your task.

Sticky Notes

Sticky notes are positively effective reminders not only for yourself but also for reminding others. They are useful in that they instantly remind you since they can be visibly seen and placed anywhere, at home, work, etc. Sticky notes can be helpful in many ways, for example:
  • Write a note or reminder on it and stick it on a chair, door, wall, computer, desk, etc were that person can see it.
  • During a class or when studying you can write the gist or important comments explaining the text of a certain book and place it on the corresponding page.
  • In class, at home, at work, etc. you can use sticky notes as reminders to complete any of your tasks
Keeping organized keeps your life LESS stressful - period.

I'd love to hear your views on this topic.  Please post in the comments section below :)


Great points, maa shaa Allah. Jazaakillah khair sis :)
I personally strongly recommend downloading Evernote on your desktop/smartphone/ipad/tablet to make all these tasks easier. I started using it recently and am so grateful I came across it, alhamdulillah. There's so much one can do with it, especially when it comes to productivity.

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