Dec 17, 2012

Some Moms

by Hend Hegazi


Some moms get anxious about sending their kids to school. “Will he fit in? Will he have fun? Will he be okay without me?”

Some moms think, “He’s going to have a blast!” And drive home and throw a party for themselves.

Some moms jump at the first sign of a fight. “That’s not nice; you shouldn’t hit. How would you like it if someone hit you?”
Some moms wait ‘til each side has a chance to get in a few punches or kicks.

Some moms chase their kids around with food. “Come here! You have to finish your vegetables. Don’t you want to grow up to be big and strong?!”
Some moms feel relieved when their kids say, day after day, “I’m not hungry.”

Some moms sit beside their kids while they solve their homework. “This one is incorrect; do it again. You misspelled this word. Don’t make a mess out of the worksheet.”
Some moms offer to help their kids with their homework, but do not push too hard even when they hear the lie, “No, thanks. I know it all.”

Some moms punish their kids when they misbehave. “Go to your room and when I come in there in a few minutes, I expect you to tell me why what you did was wrong.”
Some moms spank. Or rather, they chase after a little speedy Gonzalez, hoping to get a good whack at his bottom, knowing he will disappear under the bed before they get their chance.

Some moms have soft voices. “I asked you to clean your room. Please go do that now.”
Some moms only know how to yell. “How many times did I tell you to clean your room?!! Get in there and do that right now!!”

Some moms know how to deal with embarrassing and difficult questions. “Do you remember that woman we saw...the one who looked like she had a basketball under her shirt? Well, that was a baby in her belly. And when it’s time, the doctor will take the baby out.”
Some moms take honesty to a whole new level. “Well, first you have to learn about sex. Sex is when a man and a woman…”
And some moms believe it’s better to just let their kids learn this stuff somewhere else. “You’re too young to know where babies come from. I’ll explain it when you’re older. Now go to your room!”

Some moms wake up in the middle of the night to check on their kids.
Some moms answer, “I knew you’d get cold; that’s why last night I told you to put on warmer pajamas. That’s what you get for not listening to me.”

Some moms never give in to their kids’ whining. “You can keep asking for it all you want, but I think you should just save your breath because you’re not getting it.”
Some moms never give their kids a chance to whine. “A toy? Sure. Ten pieces of candy? Why not? A whole bottle of juice before bedtime? Might as well go change the sheets now.”

Some moms comfort their kids when they get hurt. “Oh, sweetie. Let me see. A kiss and a bandage and you’ll be as good as new.”
Some moms can’t control their own nerves when their kids get hurt. “I told you if you jumped on the bed you’d fall off!! Let me see; the bruising is pretty bad. We have to go to the emergency room.”

Some moms can manage two or three kids at a time without any of them ever crossing the line.
Some moms dread taking their one precious kid to the grocery store, knowing he will wreak havoc in the fruit section, the canned goods aisle, the cereal section, frozen foods…

Some moms define themselves as just that.
Some moms cannot find themselves because of that. 

Some moms go temporarily insane.
Some moms go insane. Period.

The one common factor in all moms (well, besides the insanity), the one thing that we all agree on—no matter what—is how much we love our kids. We show it differently, and we all have our own ideas about the best way to raise them. But no one can deny that they are our priority. No one can deny that day after day, we do our best for them. And we hope that our love will continue to guide them, until one day—just as they have been making us proud since their first laugh—they will find themselves proud of the mothers who raised them.

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Salam.Beautiful it.JazakAllah khayr <3

Masha'allah I liked this article may Allah reward you for your efforts. It was very inspiring and lovley. I used to see a lot by Umm Amin on mothering and family, but I don't see her articles any more. I like this author, and I wish I also saw more from Umm Amin.

Saw myself in some of the description & could not help but laugh. This is a beautiful & wonderful piece

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