Nov 19, 2012

BOOK REVIEW :Every Writer needs a Tribe: A Practical Guide to Finding (and Writing for) Your Audience

By Amina Edota


E-book (kindle version)
Written by Jeff Goins ~ Published by Sterling & Stone LLC (2012) 

As an unrepentant book addict enjoying another book purchase, albeit an e-book download, and always ready to create windows of reading moments, I could not pass the opportunity of downloading a free e-book on writing. And also having only been recently introduced to the author’s works coupled with being an aspiring writer, I made the download with dreams of sustaining another new blog – still very much in infancy; by finding my audience and writing for them.

A very simple read laid out with short sections of iterations building on each other, the e-book has been written to sustain the reader’s attention. Section titles such as ‘In search of a tribe’, ‘Why you need a platform’, ‘How to get heard’, ‘Tribes are found not made’, ‘Becoming a smaller writer’, ‘Write for real’; all clearly centred on everything ‘tribe’ – the how, why, who, where, do’s, don’ts. It is an easy book to follow yet a comprehensive manual giving every aspiring writer additional tools for their toolbox.

The small but powerful book carries a clear and refreshing message, that of intentionality in writing - finding a community of true fans, remaining focused and making a real impact on those fans. The gems were quite practical and based mostly on the author’s experience as he journeyed on finding his own tribe; a message by a writer to a writer.

Also included were true life stories, quotes, and points to note & ponder. The author wrote in an appealing style with a clear language. Some of the quotes I found particularly stimulating are:

‘Turn pro’ in your head before you do it on paper, to believe you are what you are asking others to believe about you’. (Steve Pressfield)
‘A platform helps you become the signal, rather than the noise’ (Jeff Goins)
‘Chase passion not mastery’ (Jeff Goins)
‘Pursue passion, not approval’ (Jeff Goins)

The section on ‘Five types of platforms’ was an eye opener, offering a view on what I would refer to as writing ‘styles’ or ‘flavours’ and although could not relate to just a specific platform, instead I found myself inclined towards three of the platforms in different ways.

Directed clearly at writers on the one hand, on the other hand it also showed relevance in many ways to all passion driven individuals whatever their field – in aiming to establish good communication in order for a message to be passed across. I would recommend this e-book to all bloggers and writers, both pros and aspiring ones. Every leader, coach or mentor will also find gems and lessons to relate to daily happenings. I have it on my kindle for quick reference which I believe I would be doing regularly in trying to boost my writing and in attracting a niche audience.

As a Muslim, many of the words served as a good reminder of the importance of having the right intention in whatever we do, and working with ihsan (excellence) at all times. As the true believer’s focus is the highest station in jannah (paradise), nothing should come between one’s striving to attain only that level. If that attitude is applied in our day to day activities and especially our areas of special interest and passion, we stand a chance of excelling to greater levels by His mercy. Our opportunity to be the best would not be compromised as well.

Having read the author’s e-book ‘The writer’s manifesto (Stop writing to be read & adored); this follows a different style but similarly has the potential to serve as a manual or quick reference for writers. Both books offer creativity and carry a straightforward message, which resonates with ways of stepping into the reality of being a writer. In today’s world of internet and a massive sea of e-books, Jeff Goins works are inspirational, and I believe the e-book would even serve the beginners better if they carry a few action points or simple checklist to work on – lending a practicality to the tips and gems already present.

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A good review...with an islamic perspective. Insha Allah, will be willing to read the book and learn from Jeff Goins too. Jazakillahukhyr for the Headsup!

Can you please share the e-Book link? Jazakallahu Khairan :)

Shahin you can check out his website for more info. ''''. It may not be free at this moment. Baarakallahu feeki!

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