Oct 7, 2012

Story: A Midnight Prayer Chapter 9

By Alawiya Abdalla



I tried my best to get out of going to Asha’s house, but Suad and her husband were having none of it. Actually Suad was serious about getting Asha to come back to work, her husband was holding on to me like someone holding on to dear life because he didn’t want to go there alone.

“We must go pay Asha a visit, and bring her back to work” Suad kept repeating it to me and her husband. To emphasize the “importance” of getting Asha to come back ASAP.

Look, if she chose to quit on her first day of work__Then I say, we should just leave it at that. Capish my friend?
But OHHH NOOO. Does anyone listen to me? BIG FAT NO!
So here I am, sitting infront of a very hostile human being who goes by the name Ahmed.
He is her brother. Her very tall and muscular brother.
Not that I am intimidated or anything, I am merely describing him. He is not even listening to a word Suad is saying to his mum and him! He is JUST there to intimidate me basically.

“And thanks to Hamid here, the guys left the place pretty quickly” I guess Suad saw him giving me evils, so she decided to put his mind at ease that there is nothing going on between me and his sister.
How does he comprehend this piece of information?

With no expression at all.
No thank you.
No talking.
No moving.
No eye twitching.

No seriously, I’m a little bit concerned. Is this guy still alive?
Somebody call 999!
I’m serious dude.

“Did he now?” HE’S ALIVEEEE, I rejoice secretly as he speaks venomously.
“Yes. Allah knows what would have happened if he wasn’t there” I mean there is no reason for Suad to exaggerate the incident, but dude I’m on board!
If it gets him off my back, then I’m all for making me look like a hero and everything.

Should I flex my muscles? I am not so sure how his very hostile brain is going to interpret the whole flexing action.
I understand him being her brother and everything, but since we’re playing Mr-insanely-protective-I-will-not-allow-any-man-to-marry-my-sister-brother why not give Suad’s husband the evils too?
Are we just bullying single men? Married men can be quite sneaky too you know!

Aaaand he is continuing with the glare!
“Asalamu Alykum everyone” Asha greets us awkwardly, as she comes in FINALLY.
She seems to be contemplating which action she should take next as she stands by the door. Join us or leave us?
I SAY JOIN US WOMAN!! I mean you can go if you want, but DO think about joining this very fun gathering please.
It’s just a request.
Plus your brother is increasing his hostility towards me for no reason AT ALL.

I mean it is not like I am here to marry you or anything.
And yes I do realize that I’m having a one sided converstation in my head with you, but I’m hoping that you’re a mind reader somehow?
Isn’t this just marvelous?
“Asha come and sit with us” Her mum gestures for her to sit beside her.

What a clever woman indeed.
“Asha, Are you OK now? You shouldn’t have left in a haste sweety” Says Suad, while she hugs Asha.
“I just needed time to get over the humiliation that’s all” She replies in a low voice.
She OBVIOUSLY doesn’t like the fact that we are here. I knew it.
Does anyone listen to me? NOPE.
“Habibti, you must never leave obstacles. You must stay and deal with it, or am I wrong Umm Ahmed?” Suad looks to Asha’s mum for confirmation.
“Of course. She should stay and show those horrid men what she is made of” Asha’s mum replies in Arabic??

She speaks Arabic?
“MashaAllah you speak perfect Arabic Umm Ahmed! How come?” Asks Suad. Yeah how come?
“I learnt it from my Turkish soap operas” Replies Asha’s mum with a wink.
“Is that where you learnt your Arabic from Hamid?” I take a few seconds to realize that Suad is talking about me being from Barawa!!!!
“Are you from Barawa?” Asks Ahmed suddenly.

Asha’s mum spouts bullets of sentences in Barawani Language, that my mouth starts to feel a little dry.
Water, I definitely need water.
Why does my mouth feel so dry all of a sudden??
Oh I know.
It’s because I’M NOT FROM BARAWA.


Okay, why is Ahmed JUST staring menacingly at Hamid???
Seriously, it is really intimidating!
Oh my dear brother__My dear over protective brother. I will never marry this guy in a million years, rest assured.
And can you start blinking please?! You look kind of creepy! Why isn’t mum looking his way?? All her attention is on Suad.

They are talking about Turkish Soap operas. Are you kidding me mum?? LOOK OVER HERE PLEASE.

I do realize that I am having a one sided conversation with my mum, but you’ll be surprised at how many people do that across the world you know.
Suad and my mum are obviously not those type of people. I look at Suad’s husband and he seems to be dozing off!!
I look at my brother, and I____Okay, there is a definite signs of “I will so kill you” And “Try, just try it” expressions going on over in his head.
I look at Hamid, and__

Is he having a one sided conversation with me???
Only one who has one sided conversations in their heads can spot another who has one sided conversations, do you know what I mean?
That’s when I noticed his horror filled expression at the mention of Barawa.
My brother asked him if he spoke Barawani language, and he said nothing. In fact, he looks pretty distressed!

My mum ain’t helping either, with her questioning.
“Who is your mum?”
“I must know her”
“We all know each other from Barawa”
“Next time you visit I will make you Garamudo. Everyone in Barawa loves Garamudo don’t they?”
“Do you like Garamudo? Do you?”
“What is wrong with this guy?”

As you can see, mum was relentless with her questions.
Hamid looks like he is going to stop breathing any minute now! I have to intercept.
“Listen up guys. I just wanted to thank you all for your support, and I do apologize for running off like that” I quickly change the subject, to divert the attention away from him.
I wonder what’s that all about?
“Does that mean you’ll be back tomorrow InshaAllah?” Asks Suad with so much hope, that the only answer I could give is
“InshaAllah I will”

Do I really want to go back? Am I strong enough to deal with that kind of hassle?
So many questions going through my head, that I didn’t pay attention when Suad announced that she was leaving.
“Do try and visit us again please Suad” Mum hugs her as she leaves.
I hug Suad and promise to come back tomorrow. Ahmed stands infront of me protectively, and I roll my eyes at his maddening behaviour.
They leave shortly after, and I turn around to tell off my big brother.
“Must you act very hostile around guests Ahmed??” I tell him off immediately “That was very embarrassing!”
He doesn’t say anything. After a few seconds the corners of his mouth shoots up into a boyish grin.
“You are my baby sister, what do you expect me to do” THIS is the side that no one else gets to see when it comes to Ahmed.
“You are UNbelievable you know that right?” I can’t help but smile back at my big brother.

I have to say, he has relaxed a bit more since Ibrahim got married. As much as I love and miss Ibrahim, I am glad that Jawahir managed to tame his rebelliousness.
As a result, Ahmed is starting to smile more and be alot more engaging with me and my mum MashaAllah.
But STILL. At the first sign of any “supposed” male interest in me, he acts like wolf man!!
“Just so you know, I know why you were acting like that. I am deeply offended that you cannot trust me Ahmed!” I have to emphasize how hurt I feel to him “Have I ever shown you any action that makes you not trust me?”
“It is not you who I don’t trust, it is him” He becomes agitated when he says “him”
“Look, I really appreciate all of your concern. But you’re going to have to let me look after myself at some point Ahmed” I reply sympathetically “I mean look at what happened to me today, one small thing and I’m running back to you guys for help”

“I cannot keep doing that can I? Whether you like it or not, I will get married one day InshaAllah” I try to reason with him “If I cannot face simple problems by myself, what am I going to do with MARRIAGE?”
Okay, I just scared myself a little bit.
What am I going to do when I get MARRIED????
The thought is scary.

“You’re gonna have to learn how to cook first!” Was mum’s response from the living room.
“The cooking, Oh the cooking. What about Ahmed? Doesn’t he need to learn how to cook too?” I ask her a question that she won’t be happy about.
“Ahmed? My Ahmed? No no no. He won’t need to learn how to cook, he just needs to find the right woman and I will cook for him InshaAllah” Mum decides to join us in the hallway, and she also decides to give Ahmed a big hug.
“Erm, I AM the one who is hurt here!! Helloooo” I tease her, but my brother totally deserves all her extra love.
He really DOES work extra hard to provide for us.

She pushes my head sideways playfully, and then she hugs me too.
She takes us both in a big bear hug, and we feel like babies again.
One can never ever feel grown up around one’s mother. Never.
And then she starts to sing the famous Barawani lullaby!!
“Okay, I think we’ve had enough now Ma!” We wrestle ourselves free, but she continues anyway!!
Oh mum.
As I go back to my room, Ahmed stops me in my tracks.
“Asha. You don’t really NEED to go back, you know that right?” He tells me pleadingly.

“I know. But I want to do this please Ahmed” I reply.
“Okay then, but I’ll call like ten times a day to make sure you’re alright. You can’t say no to that” Typical Ahmed.
“Fine” I answer, rolling my eyes but deeply touched by his protectiveness.
I slump into my bed, and I immediately close my eyes.
Tomorrow is another day InshaAllah.
I am prepared now.
Whatever it is, I can deal with it InshaAllah.
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