Jul 15, 2012

Story: A Midnight Prayer Chapter 4

By Alawiya Abdallah

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Yesterday I accepted the job offer from the Regents Park Masjid, and life has been nothing but amazing Alhamdulilah.
Tomorrow is my first day of work at the Masjid InshaAllah. I feel like doing a skip with every step I take. That's how excited I am.

The first thing I did when I went home was tracking down Ibrahim, to rub this news in HIS FACE.
"Asalamu Alykum Ibrahim, guess what job I got offered lately?" I told him, as soon as I saw him at our house.
"Let me guess. A clown?" He replied smugly, with a hint of sarcasm.
"NO, not a clown. Far from it my friend! I am going to be working as a special security agent for the female VIPs at the Regents Park Masjid" Okay, that is technically not true but I had to make my job sound exciting you see.

I mean at first I was like "What do you mean you will have to manhandle some women at times?" When Nahla and the director were briefing me about my job requirements.
But then I thought about it for a little while, and I came to a conclusion that NAAAAAAAAAAH no one behaves badly in a Masjid......Right?
Why do I feel your backs turning virtually? And WHY do I hear some of you going "Oh yeah, good luck with that Asha. GOOOOOOD LUCK"
You will be surprised how effective my sixth sense is. It really is.
Plus the world of internet has given us the ability to REALLYYY____

That person who created the page about The Abdalla Family is back!
She took a break because of "family issues" but now she's back! I mean I've posted something about her being obsessed with my family and all that, AND I'M NOT PROUD OF IT...But someone had to say something to her.
She cannot just sit there and write all these stuff about my family, and expect me to say nothing.
To be fair to her though, she doesn't say ANYTHING bad about the family but it is still NOT RIGHT.

So I decided to join the group, and ignore Ahmed's "The internet is the root to everything evil" attitude and just go for her.
Well, It wasn't that bad really, I just expressed my thoughts on the matter. In a very controlled temper, and in a very simple and carefully edited words. I didn't want to hurt her feelings or anything, just that she needs to stop this obsession thing with my brothers.
Even if some of what she says is kind of sweet and kind. It just needed to stop!
Ahmed found it the hardest to deal with this person, mainly because he is the centre of all her affections.
It is kind of funny though. We tease him about it all the time.
He doesn't find it funny, understandably of course.
I find it funny.
Ibrahim finds it HILARIOUS.
Mohamed feels quite sympathetic towards Ahmed, he always does.
He is always sympathetic to everyone and everything.....including ceilings

Whenever Mohamed feels uncomfortable, he looks up to the ceiling and starts commenting about it's amazing colours.
And Khadija seems to have adopted his weird philosophy, and Jawahir too!
Oh how I MISS having my single best friends.
I always let out a heavy sigh when my friends leave with my brothers.
Not only have I lost my best friends, I've also lost my brothers to marriage. I miss Ibrahim and Mohamed's presence terribly, we used to always gang up and tease Ahmed.

Now it's just me ganging up on Ahmed, and it's no fun when you have no one to high five.
Mum doesn't high five me when I tease Ahmed.
It's just no fun.
I'm a good person REALLY, I just have separation anxieties you see.
I want everyone to be single, and I want everything back to how it was. That sounds really bad I know, but I just want everyone to stay obnoxious, sweet, annoying.........And SINGLE

Anyway enough of my nonsense thoughts, and lets get back to what happened with me and the facebook lady. So I wrote this lengthy comment on FB for the mysterious lady and I felt pretty good about it.....until
She replied "Thank you for joining my page Asha! It is such an honor that you decided to contribute to my posts"
OH COME ON!!! Might as well pull out a dagger and stick it in my heart!!
She made me look really BAD. It's like stepping on a kitten! Basically she killed me with kindness.
I felt so bad, and I just left her to it. I mean it is still strange, but oh well.
SHE LIKED MY COMMENT!!! I literally took a cushion and smacked it on my face, to hide my "Would someone open up the ground please? you know. So I could hide in it"

After that incident, I just left the group and decided to focus on more important issues.
So here I am, happy and feeling giddy with excitement. I am about to start a new chapter in my life tomorrow, and life couldn't be better.


My day has been uneventful, apart from eating a sandwich I made earlier. That was pretty exciting!
SubhanAllah, the day before I start my job is dragging on waaaaay too much.
OH YEAH! I saw my next door neighbour's mum today. She was going in her house with her eldest son, and they had Asda shopping bags with them....Well more like he was carrying the bags, and she was just walking infront of him.
It looked like a typical scene to anyone watching them, and it was don't get me wrong.
However, what happened in the next few seconds brought so much anguish and depression to me that I simply can't shake it off as I usually do.
Not that I wasn't depressed before, but this scene intensified my depression and made me realize what I have missed all my life.

Right before they were about to open the house, the mother turned around and she tried to get some shopping bags off of her son's hand.
The shopping bags looked quite full and heavy, so instinctively the mum reached to help her son.
She tried to grab one of the bags off his hands, but he resisted it fiercely as any male would.
She looked at him proudly, and then in a moment of utter cuteness...She put her hand behind his head, then she kissed him on the forehead.
That scene EXUDED love. It showed me a mother/son relationship in it's purest form.

It made me think about my mum, and I felt a deep sorrow and a dull ache in my heart immediately.
I remembered the times when my mum would try and hug me when I had an awful day at school, and I would just brush her aside.
I remember the countless times I did those kind of hurtful things to her and my father.
I never yelled or raised my voice to them, but I made sure they knew I will never accept their gestures of love in those moments.
Thinking about it now, I feel so angry with myself.
Yes, they did something terrible but they were my PARENTS.
Why didn't I cherish every moment with them? Why did I prosecute them, the way other people did? As if they weren't prosecuted enough!

I cannot describe how much I hate myself for not realizing this sooner. I would give anything in the world just to have a few moments with my parents.....Just a few moments.
This is not good AT ALL.
I will just give myself an early night after I pray Isha, and I will leave all my worries to Allah.
I will let Him guide me home........
Home. Back in Yemen.
Home, where my mum would continue to try and show me how much she loved me even when I pushed her away.

I would give anything in the world to have those in my life.
Anything Ya Allah.


Today is THE day.......THE day
I kept running around the house yelling
"WATCH IT. THE LAW IS APPROACHING. WATCH IT!" Much to Ahmed's despair.
He said
"As if you needed to be more crazy! they go and give you a job as a security guard at my favourite Masjid" He says mockingly, before adding "Ya Allah help us all"
Please! He is just jealous that he doesn't get to wear this cool security hat.

I even tried to make my mum cook me some lovely breakfast, but she dismissed me immediately.
She also mumbled things like
"Great. Now I have to tell people my daughter is working as a security guard? WE ARE TRYING TO DOWN PLAY THE CRAZY!!"
Before she added
Ladies and gentlemen....My mum's daily reminder.
SubhanAllah, at 7 O'clock every morning my mum reminds me of my inability to cook.
Awww I love my mum.
"Why are you grinning like a fool?" Aaaaaaand the lovemometer goes slightly down.

I kiss my mum's hands and forehead and I head to my new job.
I arrive after an hour on the bus, because traffic is absolutely a JOKE in the mornings.
I barely make it to the meeting with a second to spare......Alhamdulilah PHEWWWW.
I meet Nahla and my immediate boss Burhan, and I notice a slightly older lady standing with them.
"Asalamu Alykum Asha, this is your boss Burhan and this is your colleague Suad" I shake hands with her, and I'm instantly warm to her.
"We are just waiting for one more person to arrive, and we shall begin our first meeting InshaAllah" She informs us.
"Oh, here he comes" Her voice picks up as she spots him.

I see a man running towards us, and I squint my eyes to make out WHY my colleague looks so familiar!
SubhanAllah, who is he?
Do I know him?
Is he one of my brothers' friend?
Did I buy a Kebab from him?
Did I...........

My reaction when I finally clocked where I knew this man could be summed up in two words.......
OH and NO.....
OH NO....
NO NO NO......
Maybe if thunder came and BOOMED around us, distracting him while I make my escape.......
Maybe lightning could come and like, ELECTROCUTE him or something....
I don't wanna KILL the guy, just enough distraction so I can make my swift exit.....
Nope, the weather is pretty warm today SubhanAllah.....

He spotted me, and pretty much recognized me.
SubhanAllah, he is not very friendly towards me I wonder why?
OK, don't answer that!!
I mean, there is no need for the I-will-make-sure-your-days-in-the-Masjid-are-going-to-be-a-living-nightmare-InshaAllah look you know!
Great......JUSSSST great!
Marvelous actually......
I wonder what is on his mind RIGHT this minute?



I will make sure her days in the Masjid are going to be a living nightmare InshaAllah.
Well I will, I don't care....

See you on the first day of Eid INSHAALLAH
May Allah make our Ramadan a blessed one Ameen.....

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