May 12, 2012

Guest post: The Colours of Confidence: which one are you?

Confidence can be seen like a rainbow of colours, like the litmus tester many of us are familiar with one end of the spectrum representing ‘low confidence’ and the other end reflecting ‘good-strong self-confidence’. I realise that young women and girls develop and grow in confidence over time particularly based on life experiences, whilst for others external circumstances and factors stop these beautiful people shining in confidence. Understanding our own confidence through colours is a particlarly useful technique to measure, evaluate and improve our own self-confidence because we associate strong and deep colours with that of beauty, richness and often lighter colours and pastel shades as subtle, discreet and not as outrightly ‘look at me’ behaviour! However today I want you to imagine you’re on the brighter side of spectrum of the ‘Colours of Confidence’ because once we engage with ourselves on a truly human and personal level, can we come out radiating in the boldness of confidence.

Here are some colours I’ve chosen to reflect what your personal confidence may reflect, as you read this I want you to first note which colour of confidence you currently are, and then ask yourself – which colour of confidence do I want to have and become?

Are you Grey? We all have had those days where we feel ‘grey’ yet the woman in grey is continuously telling herself ‘she’s not worth it’ preventing her true beautiful colours to come out. Her lack of self-confidence shows in how she worries about what others think about her constantly and is always speaking negatively about herself; her grey colour is just waiting to become bold and beautiful (but first she has to accept she already is)

Are you Yellow/Orange? Here she comes! Ms Grey has recognised that she can’t live in the shadows of other people and moving onto yellow and orange gives her a sense of satisfaction about herself. She isn’t worry as much about what others say of her or trying to be someone else, rather she is now slowly but surely shining with her own talents and qualities that are warmly accepted by others.

Are you Green? The Green woman is somewhere in the middle, however she is usually trying to keep peace by just agreeing with others and perhaps sometimes doesn’t really know what she wants. However she can be a good mediator and is slowly trying to find herself so that she is no longer just green and boring but rather blue and beautiful!

Are you Blue? She has really found herself the woman who is covered in blue, just like the natural signs of blue in the still skies and oceans reflect – she has found her feet and naturally stability in herself. Her confidence isn’t one which is intimidating, rather she is eloquently composed and growing in self-esteem day by day. The woman in blue is considerate of others yet she is the one we look out for security and contentment.

Are you Purple? The woman in purple is a sign of rich beauty and self-confidence is carried with ease, we often associate purple with richness and she reflects honour and self-worth. Her self-esteem is often admired by others and she is not afraid of embracing new challenges in order to develop herself, she believes that her skills and talents make her a worthy and beautiful woman deserving of honour.

Are you Red? There she is! We all love the woman in red, because she reflects a strong and radiant woman who is not afraid to conquer her fears. We all notice her, because she is not swayed by others and can think for herself, she carries herself with confidence and believes that she has been created beautifully to serve the highest purpose in the world in doing good. We all want to be the woman in red because she shows compassion and love to others which makes her beautiful just by nature..

Now that we’ve seen all the colours of confidence, I want you to share below which colour you are and tell me which colour of confidence do you want to be by the end of the year?


I would say I'm Yellow / Orange at the moment, I would like to be Blue by the end of the year insha Allah

Green...hope to be blue.

green at the moment, hopefully red by the end of the year inshaAllah :). thank you for the lovely article btw.

Mostly blue, sometimes green....
Would love to be purple :)

Masha'Allah, a really creative article

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