Apr 8, 2012

POEM: Dealing With Lust And Greed

The desires lust and greed,
Dwells in the body of man,
An internal battle ever raging,
You must guard as best as you can.

To treat lust there is marriage,
To cure greed, give in charity,
These acts of worship are prescribed,
So a believer may achieve tranquillity.

The temptation to sin
Is made stronger by desire,
Pray for your Lord to guide your way,
And good habits to acquire.

This world will not last for ever,
Your Lord sees and hears all things,
Your desires may be a test from Him,
One of the many events He will bring.


JazakAllahu Kheiran

To do anything properly, one must know themselves well and be true to themselves.  If one's eyes are not able to see, one cannot find the way.  Only once you are truly aware of just what your issues are can you actually begin to fix them.  Things are also not exactly as they seem.  Sometimes people are attracted to things but are not truly seeking them.  Example: People whose minds are turned on by science will be drawn to other like minded individuals regardless of their money or status or title.  People shouldn't make assumptions on the true nature of someone's intentions.  Perhaps people do not know how their actions are being perceived because their truest intentions lie somewhere else.

Once someone knows themselves they can have a better handle on their truest voice and tempering the different facets of their own nature and lives.

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