Mar 1, 2012

The Story Of Prophet Lut (as) in Our Time

By Hamda Adaweh


The story that I am going to share with you inshAllah relates to our time. In the western society, the Muslim youth are constantly exposed to haram relationships with the opposite gender. The characteristics of shame and modesty are barely encouraged in our society. Nowadays, the Muslim youth are also exposed to the idea of homosexuality. It has become so serious that even some states in America are considering same sex marriages. We as Muslims must learn from the lessons of the past in order to work towards a beautiful future, inshAllah.

Allah Subhaana wa Ta’alaa has sent us the Quraan that describes nations that came before us in order for mankind to reflect. In Surah Qamar ayahs 32-34, Allah Subhaana wa Ta’alaa says

And We have certainly made the Qur'an easy for remembrance, so is there any who will remember? The people of Lot denied the warning. Indeed, We sent upon them a storm of stones, except the family of Lot - We saved them before dawn.  (Surah Al-Qamar 54:32-34) 

We as Muslims must think about the nations that came before us. The stories of the Prophets should make us reflect. It gives us infinite wisdom and knowledge. Most importantly, it gives us better understanding of this beautiful deen.

The story of Prophet Lut alayhi saalam starts in the town of Sodom and he is the nephew of Prophet Ibrahim alayhi saalam. It is located in present day Jordan. The people of Sodom were very wealthy and they enjoyed the countless bounties that Allah subhaana wa ta’alaa decreed on them. However, they did not use these blessings in the way that Allah subhaanu wa ta’alaa would like. These people practiced homosexuality openly without any shame. They neglected their wives for the enjoyment of other men.

Allah Subhaana wa ta’alaa sent down Prophet Lut alayhi saalam to spread the message of Islam to his people and to advise them to abandon homosexuality. However, these men were blinded by desire and passion. They did not want to give up their desires. Instead, they mocked and ridiculed Prophet Lut alayhi saalam.

Just like the Prophets and messengers before him, Prophet Lut alayhi saalam patiently continued to advise his people and spread the message of Islam. No one listened to him.This saddened Prophet Lut alayhi saalam and he prayed that Allah Subhanaa wa Ta’alaa gives him victory against his people. In Surah Ankaboot Ayah 29, Allah subhanaa wa ta’alaa says

Indeed, you approach men and obstruct the road and commit in your meetings [every] evil. And the answer of his people was not but they said, "Bring us the punishment of Allah , if you should be of the truthful.” (Al-Ankabut 29:29) 

One day, there were two travelers that needed a place to stay. These travelers happened to come to the town of Prophet Lut alayhi saalam. The first to see these travelers was one of Prophet Lut alayhi saalam’s daughters. She saw how beautiful these young men were. She immediately called her father and told him about the handsome looking travelers that came to town. Prophet Lut alayhi saalam tried to hint at the travelers to leave the town, but they refused. Prophet Lut alayhi saalam finally decided to let them come inside his home. Prophet Lut alayhi saalam’s wife sneaked out of the house in order to inform the people of the handsome travelers. Prophet Lut alayhi saalam’s wife was also a matchmaker for the men. It says in Surah Tahrim ayah 10, Allah Subhanaa wa ta’alaa says

Allah presents an example of those who disbelieved: the wife of Noah and the wife of Lot. They were under two of Our righteous servants but betrayed them, so those prophets did not avail them from Allah at all, and it was said, "Enter the Fire with those who enter.” (Surah At-Tahrim 66:10) 

The men of the town came to Prophet Lut alayhi saalam’s house and they started banging on the front door. They demanded to come and see the travelers. Imagine the situation that Prophet Lut alayhi saalam was going through?

He pleaded with his people by telling them to leave the visitors alone and to fear the punishment of Allah subhanaa wa ta’alaa. He even advised them seek sexual fulfillment with their wives because it is what Allah subhaana wa ta’alaa made lawful for them. Blinded by passion, they laughed at Prophet Lut alayhi saalam.

Seeing that Prophet Lut alayhi saalam was helpless, one of the travelers informed Prophet Lut alayhi saalam by saying “Do not be anxious or frightened, Lut for we are angels, and these people will not harm you."

Then, Angel Jibril threw some dust at the men. It caused them to become blind. The angels warned Prophet Lut to leave the town before sunrise without turning back. Prophet Lut alayhi saalam and his daughters left the town of Sodom and his wife was left behind.

Allah subhanaa wa ta’alaa had decreed that the town of Sodom should perish. Angel Jibril lifted the town of Sodom and raised it to the heavens. The town was literally flipped upside down. Everything and everybody was destroyed. This area is currently the Dead Sea.

My advice to the Muslims that are reading this article:

The concept of hijab is not just for women. The hijab goes for both genders. It means modesty and shyness. Dress modestly inside and outside your houses. Be always aware of covering your awrah in front of others. Shyness is one of the beautiful qualities a believer can have. It is extremely hard to find nowadays. We should always check ourselves and not let the shaytaan trick you. Homosexuality is not a sickness. It is a disease of the heart and May Allah subhanaa wa ta’alaa protect all of us from falling into the traps of shaytaan. Ameen.

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JazakAllahu Khayr.This is very appropriate topic for now days that u brought up. May Allaah subhana wa Ta'ala protect all of us from evil.Aameen

maa shaa Allaah very informative and well written. 

Allaah subHaanahu wa ta'aala says in suratul A'raaf 80-84 (translated to):And [We had sent] Lot when he said to his people, "Do
you commit such immorality as no one has preceded you with from among the
worlds?  Indeed, you approach men with desire, instead of women.
Rather, you are a transgressing people."  But the answer of his people was only that they said,
"Evict them from your city! Indeed, they are men who keep themselves pure."  So We saved him and his family, except for his wife; she was
of those who remained [with the evildoers].  And We rained upon them a rain [of stones]. Then see how was
the end of the criminals. 
From this we know that they were the FIRST people to practice such immoral behaviour and no one before them had committed such an act. Also - it is considered a sinful act and not something that will make a person leave the fold of Islam. 

Alhumdulilah. This is a very informative topic. It saddens me that there are so many young people in my country that are so blind to think it's ok. I have seen so many young and old lives destroyed, because they don't know Qur'an or even the Bible. Woe to them that have been blinded to the
truth of Allah. It's not like it's hard to figure out. The reading couldn't be any easier. Thank you for the post.       Walaikum ssalam

wa'alaykumassalam wa rahmatulahi wa barakatuh (to the person below)

Asalaamu alaikkum wa Rahmatullahi Wa barakatu. Thank you for addressing this critical issue. This problem is growing at an exponential rate, especially here in the West. People actually have the nerve to say "he/she was born that way". This is totally blasphemous against Allah SWT. It needs to be understood that homosexuality is caused my misguidance. Plain and simple. Allah is perfect and without error, therefore his creation is free from this type of defect.

Are you saying that homosexuality is a bad thing? One cannot help who they are attracted to and Allah created them and put them on this earth as gay or straight. Its who they are. Its not a disease. Its simply ones mind set and attractions as well as personality.

Okay, its actually not part of your personality

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