Mar 11, 2012

POEM: Interested In A Loan?

Loan Allah a Loan. 
He asked for it. 
He promised to give it back, 
Multiplied many times over. 
Give a date stone, 
And get a mountain. 
But it must be pure. 
Pure intention, 
Pure wealth 
Pure of arrogance, 
Given solely for His sake. 
Given and forgotten. 
Not followed up by grievous reminders. 
But we are stingy, 
With our wealth, 

We are impatient. 
We want our stuff now. 
We are boring. 
Too weary to be creative. 
Never having enough time. 
Neither time, nor wealth, nor talent can we spare. 
Even a smile is charity. 
Sometimes we sink so low in our selfishness. 
That we cannot even loan Allah a smile.


Very nice Sabeen! Touching. Alhamdulillah. *Smiles*  (Made sadqa already with that smile!) 

:) Charity given openly also happens to be contagious :) Thank you Mehmudah!

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