Nov 10, 2011

POEM: One Word...Cancer

by Amal Milaa Filza

For hours I was staring at my notebook.. Wanting to write
something however my fingers didn't move an inch.. I was searching for the right words, the perfect line but still my mind stayed blank. Every time I started to write something I would press the backspace button immediately. My inspiration was gone. One word however stayed on my mind 24/7. It came so unexpected. I was unprepared for the lightning that struck our home. The news that spread like a gossip. I still remember my sister walking towards me with her eyes filled with tears. The words she said are frozen in my head. 'She has cancer' After that everything turned black.. It felt like my world was tumbling down.

Darkened day,
don’t know what to say

Fallen world
Buried in pain

Teary eyes
Restrained hurt

Floating thoughts
Endless rain.

My guardian angel
Can't stand to see her hurt

Day and night
Not an easy fight

Hold on to Hope
Khair Insha'Allah

Please make Dua
Give her strength

Trust remains
Allahu Akbar


Allahuma shafiha wa taharha Ameen. May Allah give you strength and patience too!
I can feel your pain, your poem just touch my heart !!!

Khair inshallah dw sis allahs wiv u nd ur fam nd mine too inshallah xxxx

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