Oct 12, 2011

POEM: The World - A Temporary Bliss

by Muddasir Masihuddin

The money, the fame, the power, it’s all your misconception
The world is like a shadow, full of darkness

Try to catch it and it won’t give you any success,
What comes in your grave, is nothing but your deeds
Don’t be in the illusion of the shadow which only misleads,
If you turn your back against it
It has no choice but to follow you!
Submit to Allah, regret, repent and start anew
If you are alive. It’s not too late,
Grab hold of the blessing and don’t wait
This world will play you, hypnotize and deceive you,
At the death bed, you will regret for what you have gone through.
For your body comes from the earth,
The world is temporary and so is your body,
What makes you content is only your divinity.
Be steadfast to the Qurán and Sunnáh
For which you will never go astray,
Keep this faith and let not the world betray.
For the day of judgement, you are on your own,
Your father, your mother, they will be just unknown!
So the world won’t take you anywhere,
Never lose faith and don’t despair.
At the end of the day, there is always a will,
If you get Jannáh, you got the Treasury bill!
SubhanAllah, that is all we wish and desire,
But it is only when we are a True believer.

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A beautiful reminder, thank you!

Masha Allah ! Ganeela awi! shokran.

Lovely post, mashaa Allah!

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