Jul 22, 2011

Ramadan Prep: Controlling your Nafs Webinar Recording

This is the recording of the webinar 'Ramadan Prep: Controlling your Nafs' with Yasmin Mogahed presented by Habibi Halaqas, I Got It Covered, Muslimas Oasis, Muslimah Source and SuhaibWebb.com 

Prophet Muhammed (sal Allahu 'alayhi wasallam) said, "...And the gates of Heaven will be open in this month and the gates of Hell will be closed. And the devils will be chained." [Musnad Ahmad]

Why do we sin during Ramadan when the devils are chained? Because the poison of their whispers still oozes through our veins. But now is the best time to detox, flushing bad habits and forming good ones. Learn how to accomplish this goal in our webinar.

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thnk you for sharing... It will be better if i can have it in writings? (*_*). 

Really informative MashAllah, thank you for this, needed it since Ramdhan is fast approaching InshaAllah! 
Lots of duas for the sister who did this.

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