Jun 8, 2011

Recording - Unveiled: Understanding the Niqab

This is a recording of the webinar 'Unveiled: Understanding the Niqab' presented by Habibi Halaqas, I got it covered and Muslimah Source

There is much confusion and dispute among Muslims and non-Muslims about the status of the niqab (face veil). The intent of this webinar is to dispel myths regarding the face veil. Is it oppression? Is banning it a breach of freedom of rights? Is it mandatory to wear in Islamic law? All this and more!

Come and Learn:

What is Niqab
The origins of Niqab
Criticisms against Niqab
How does one's life change when they start wearing Niqab
How should one deal with sisters who wear Niqab - Muslim and non-Muslim perspective
Political enforcement and/or banning of Niqab

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could u plz make this lecture about naqab into a simple readable form, so would benefit all muslims. jzkallah.

how do i register with webinar?

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