May 5, 2011

What Lessons I Learnt From The Prophets of Islam

By Seema Muhammad Belushi

I have always been fascinated with the lives of the Prophets of Islam (Peace be upon them all)… and how Allah sent His messengers one after the other so that they might connect people to their Lord. I used to wonder that there must have been something really great about them that Allah subhanaa wa ta'aala chose them above all people to deliver His message to the World.

One thing which I am sure everyone will agree about is the great trials which they all faced in their lives. Be it Prophet Nooh, Ibrahim, Yusuf, Musa or Muhammad (Peace be upon them all). All of them had trials in their lives which they faced boldly without complaining to anyone about it but to Allah, can we even imagine anything like that?

Muhammad sal Allahu alayhi wa sallam :

If you have read the seerah of Muhammad sal Allahu alayhi wa sallam you will understand what I am talking about. What did this great man who was sent as a mercy to the world went through in life from the time he was born? The death of his father even before he was born, then the death of his mother at such a tender age of 6 … and after two years his grandfather who cared for him so much, also died … how difficult it must have been to have been raised up as an orphan… can we even imagine?

Musa alayhi salaam:

And how can we forget about the story of Musa alayhi salaam. How Allah had made him go through various twists and turns of his life before coming finally to this awesome moment when he was being chosen as a Prophet. When Musa alayhi salaam was born, his mother feared that the people of Fir’oun might come and kill her child. Therefore, by Allah’s inspiration, she put Musa alayhi salaam in a box and cast him into the river. Although it seemed like she would lose her child forever, Allah guided the box to the shore where it was picked up by the people of Fir’oun. Later however Musa alayhi salaam was re-united with his real mother subhanAllah!

Yusuf alayhi salaam:

Prophet Yusuf’s story is the most detailed story given in the Qur’an and is full of description of vicissitudes of human life, and therefore deservedly appeals to men and women of all classes. It paints in vivid colors, with their spiritual implications, the most varied aspects of life - Yaqub’s old age and the confidence between him and his little beloved son, the elder brothers’ jealousy, their plot, Yaqub’s grief, the sale of Yusuf into slavery for a petty price, carnal love contrasted with purity and patience and fortitude, chastity, false charges, prison, the divine gift of interpretation of the dreams, evil life and spiritual life, innocence raised to honor, forgiveness and benevolence, matters of administration, humility in glory, filial love, and the ultimate victory of piety and truth.

Ibrahim alayhi salaam :

Prophet Ibrahim alayhi salaam who alone challenged a whole system of Idol worship, left the culture of idol worship and brought people towards the worship of one Allah. Who left his wife Hajar alay salaam and son Ismail alay salaam in the barren valley of Makkah. Prophet Ibrahim whom Allah called His friend was the son of an idol maker and yet he searched for the one true God, amid a whole system of polytheism. Allah gave him His knowledge and he in turn sacrificed all his life towards submission to Allah.

Nooh alayhi salaam:

We know that Nooh alayhi salaam preached for 950 years but instead of listening to him the people threatened to stone him to death. As a result Nooh alayhi salaam prayed to Allah for help. And so the Prophet as well as the believers were saved and the rest were all drowned. Look at his example who spent almost a 1000 years of his life trying to bring people to the worship of Allah, yet only a handful of them accepted his “dawah” (call to the straight way). Do you think it was easy for him? Just compare it with our own attitude. How easily we lose heart and our Iman starts decreasing if anyone refuses to agree with us.

In the end I would say that it is a great lesson for us to learn from them and see how in our life we are faced with trials and we think it is so unfair; whereas it is actually a test from Allah subhaana wa ta'aala to make us strong and to prove our sincerity and commitment to Him. Whosoever has patience and keeps working towards attaining Allah’s pleasure is rewarded abundantly both in this world and the next. May Allah subhaana wa ta'aala give us the same strength and patience to work for His deen. Ameen
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