Mar 17, 2011

A simple reminder of Taqwa

By Naima Mompoint

I believe that the wisest thing that we can do in any situation is to remind ourselves that we are no big deal. Allah created us with the capability to do everything and anything except for defeat old age. This is great power and sometimes when we think that everything is going our way we can get a bit proud. Really, we are no big deal though.

What goes up must come down. What goes out comes back around. We make money and then it is gone. We meet people and a lot of them pass us by. When we are down, it is Allah’s will that we go up again. He mercies us with things that we perceive as failures as well as things that we perceive as huge blessings!

We have to remember that it is only by this mercy that we have anything. It is only by this mercy that we exist. It is only by his mercy that we are where we are and who we are and he makes no mistakes. Even when we have differences with others, it is by his mercy. He teaches us by way of opposites so that we may have "two wings instead of one" to soar to higher planes of taqwa with. It is true that sometimes the very things we hate are the things that are good for us. The very things we love may be bad for us.

Patience is a virtue and humility is grand. Confidence is wonderful if intentions are pure. Trials are very beneficial because they purify us. You see, Allah allows us to be tested by Shaitan but only to "iron out wrinkles" in us. His is the Master Planner. Shaitan is merely a pawn. So don't fear him. Fear Allah. It is Allah that is forever forgiving and knows everything that is to come. When we trust Allah, he guides us.

Allah allows us to be tested that we may be purified. Even people who are condemned to Hell will have a chance to go to Jannah. For instance, look at how we produce gold. It is never discovered by itself. There are always impurities in it. We use fire to burn away these impurities. To purify the gold.

We are like the gold in its beginning stage; impure. We go through pressuring circumstances in life that we may be purified. Those who are condemned to Hell will be purified by that circumstance and taught the best lesson. After that, they will be ready for Jannah. Allah is so merciful.

He even had to purify the heart of the prophet sal Allahu alayhi wa sallam. (Anas, Sahih Muslim) When he was a child Allah cause him to pass out while playing and Jibreel opened his chest and took out the heart. He then extracted a blood-clot out of the heart and said: That was the part of Satan in thee." He then washed it with the water of ZamZam in a gold basin. After that the heart was rejoined together and restored to its place. The children ran and told muhammad's sal Allahu alayhi wa sallam foster parents that he was dead. When they went back to him they found him alright except for that his face was white. Anas said, "I have seen the mark that was left on his chest."

A very smart person once told me that "a donkey with a bunch of books is still a donkey". It is one thing to obey Allah, because we fear him (subhan Allah)! It is even better to obey Allah because we love him. If we do not feel with our hearts then what is taqwa? It is nothing because one cannot experience taqwa without truly knowing Allah. The person who truly knows Allah, really loves him and all of his creation. The more conscious we are of Allah, the purer our hearts are. The wiser we are.

All men are equal because of our conscious ability. Our taqwa is infinite. Some may have more taqwa than another but even a slave is equal to his master. A husband is equal to his wife. Siblings are equal to siblings. No one can ever say that the man with no taqwa will never have any or that the man with the most taqwa will always have the most. Verily, these things are up to Allah.

Allah guides whom he wills and judges us on our intentions. I believe that the truth of our intentions lies within our hearts. Not the physical heart, but our spiritual heart. Just as the physical heart is the center of blood circulation, our spiritual heart is the center of our taqwa. May Allah bless us all in the increase in consciousness of Him and Him alone. Ameen.

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Ameen ya robbal a'lameen!!!

mashaallah very beautiful.jazakallah khairan.

Alhamdullilah Rabbi Alameen!

masha' Allah an amazing reading, I really enjoyed reading it

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