Feb 21, 2011

POEM: Hijaab

by Amal Milaa Filza

Telling me I'm too young,
I ain't no adult,
I'm not ready for it,
might even regret it,
won't get accepted.
Now I'm getting doubts,
maybe it's true what they say
but all those doubts fade away,
when I think about Allah
everything will be okay
everything will find it's way.. if I just believe..
and stop listening to what other people say..
& then maybe...
paradise will be mine ..


very nice! I aint no adult, i'm not ready for it is just a lie of shaitaan ore nefs.. hijaab is the modest of a girl!

Masha'Allah good to see a poem about Hijab from a young sisters perspective.

oh wow..!! its great..!! mashallah..!! its something that encourages people like me.. who aint a hijabi...to just stop delaying it and start observing one..!! this is kind of push that most of us need..!!! jazak allah khair..!!

Barak Allah ou feek Sisters! I'm glad you liked it:)

Very direct and heartfelt (also short and easy to read!). Jazakumullah khair and may Allah bless you <3

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