Sep 22, 2009

How to "fake" fake eye lashes

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How to "fake" fake eye lashes
by Marium Hussain 


Salaam! Thx for this! Great job Marium! mashaAllah!

nice job marium! impressive!

mashaAllah this is nice! Since it's haram to wear fake eyelashes this tip allows you to improvise. =D
Will try it inshaAllah!

JazakAllahu khairan sister for the tips!

@Umm Nusaybah - thats very true ma sha allah! Let us know how it goes with you :)

@Bilquis - waiyyaki! Glad you liked it alhumdulillah!

Sister Anum posted on facebook in response to this article:

"The trick is pure genius. :) But I'm taking it a bit easy with any lash products because they tend to dry up and when I accidentally rub my eyes, they pluck out my lashes. Lashes do not grow back again. But inshAllah, I would try this out and I need to get a better mascara as well. Covergirl sounds perfect. Thanks for sharing habibi"

Salaams Sister. This article is very good however they left out one very crucial step. After you've curled and applied the mascara, you need to use ur mascara comb to seperate the lashes that get stuck together from the mascara application.If you does this to the top and bottom lashes, it'll really make your lashes look amazing. Hope this helps.

@Sayeeda: thats a good tip ma sha allah. Most mascaras these days tho are lash separating (like cover girl) so I am assuming that is why Marium left out this step. But great observation!

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