Sep 25, 2009

Women and Paradise

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Um Salama reported God's messenger as saying, "Any woman who dies when her husband is pleased with her will enter Paradise." [Tirmidhi, 286]


subhaan Allah. The road to Paradise has been made so easier. Yet the sisters overlook their responsibilities in the divine bond of marriage. Husbands eat outside and at times leave home without breakfast because either the sister doesn't know how to cook or has troubles waking up to the sun! Some dads are overburdened with the responsibility of nursing children because the sisters need time for 'socializing'. 90% of the time sisters - a large majority - likes to whine and nag to their husbands about what's NOT good and short in life. A Muslimah's life is devotion to Allah and then devotion to her husband. How could it be overlooked?

But that is one side of the story maybe you have a happy understanding marriage, some of people don't have that. Its always stressed that husband has certain rights over the wife its hardly ever mention the rights of the wife she has some rights as well she has needs that need fulfilling. Allah subhan tala didn't send women in the world to be abused by men especially husbands. I believe yes Islam gave lots of rights to the women but the question is have Muslim men given them those rights, I don't thinks so. She leaves her parents her brothers and sisters to join the husband if he doesn't take her side consider her opinions her feelings then who would.

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