Sep 15, 2009

Testimonials about Habibi Halaqas


Alhamdulilah!  I love the website!  I love the articles!  Thank you for putting something like this together. Masha'Allah.  - Sr. Heba

Good job mashaAllah! - Abu Abdillaah Ghufran Ibn Tajammul

Sounds like an awesome initiative mashaAllaah : ) - Naima

My Dear sister I attended the class of Surah Al Fatihah and benefited a looooooooooot. I was truly grateful to Allah swt that HE gave this opportunity to us in the comfort of our homes to learn HIS book.  - Humera

Assalamu Alaiakum... This event was really very beneficial Alhamdulillah. Such classes will really help the sisters who are starting to learn Arabic as the teacher was teaching very slowly and peacefully ;) Looking forward to have many more such events, insha Allah - Shayistha

I can honestly say habibi Halaqas has helped me inmensly grow in my Deen AlhamduliAllah! - Holly GO

Great Website Masha'Allah  - Nadia

SubhanAllaah, very beautiful concept! - Asma

May Allah bless HabibiHalaqas - Sadiyah

Jazakallah khairan for having this website and for helping sisters out! May Allah reward you for the great that you're doing! ALHAMDULILLAH - Raquel Ali Pearson

Cant wait to be a part of this! - Sabrina

I have just watched the videos for the lecture she walks in beauty Masha'Allah it is very informative, and something new. Enjoyed it very much and learnt from the video.



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