Sep 19, 2009

Resources related to Tajweed of Surah Fatiha

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On the Day of Resurrection the Qur'an will petition Allah to cloak the one who had recited it with garments of honour and respect. A crown of honor will then be placed on the head of the reciter. The Qur'an will then petition Allah to shower His pleasure on the reciter. Allah will then become pleased with him. The reciter will then be asked to recite the Qur'an, thereby attaining higher ranks of elevation. In reward for each ayat a virtue will accrue to him.  (Tirmidhi, Ibn Khuzaimah).

Here are some resources compiled for you to continue your tajweed of surah fatiha study.

Surah Al Fatiha by Saad Al Ghamdi
Sheikh Sudais Reciting Surah Al-FatihaSurah Fatiha: The Opening of the book of Allah10 Greatest Recitations of Surat Al-FatihaYoutube claims that this is the best surah Fatiha recitation.Surah al Fatiha - different recitation styles by Sh. Mishary Rashid Al 'AfaasySurah Fatihah: 10 Different Recitation Styles (Qiraat) by Shaykh Mishary
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