Sep 20, 2009

The Etiquettes of Marriage

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By: Shaykh Muhammad Naasir Ud Deen Al Albaani

There are in Islam, certain etiquettes upon anyone who marries and wishes to consummate his marriage with his wife. Most Muslims today, even those who exert themselves in Islamic worship, have either neglected or become totally ignorant of these Islamic etiquettes. Therefore, I decided to write this beneficial treatise clearly explaining these issues on the occasion of marriage of someone dear to me. I hope that it will be an aid to him and to other believing brothers in carrying out what the Chief of the Messengers has ordained on the authority of the Lord of the Worlds. I have followed that by pointing out certain issues important to every one who marries, and with which many wives in particular have been tested.


as salamu alaikum!
the link seems to be broken ...

jazzak allah khair for pointing it out ! will fix this asap in sha allah!

assalamu alaikum
how do i download the book?
i cant find a download button or anything like that when i click the "here" button

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