Sep 21, 2009

DE-CREASE your eye shadow

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DE-CREASE your eye shadow
By Marium Hussain

The best way to get long lasting eyeshadow and vibrant colour pay off is to use a base. But even then, oily lids tend to make the eyeshadow crease and look pasty after only a few hours. Not Anymore!

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion
comes in a tube that looks like a Genie’s Bottle and truly performs Makeup Magic.

What it is:
A cream coloured silicone based formula which goes on to be invisible

What it does:
Creates a smooth and silky canvas for your eyeshadow. Eyeshadow colours are morevibrant and stay on ALL DAY. Bye-Bye oily lids that crease the eyeshadow. 

How to apply:
A little goes a long way. Apply a thin coat and let dry. Then apply eyeshadow as you normally would. Then DARE it to crease.

Getting your money’s worth:
The shape of the bottle does not allow the wand to get to ALL the product inside, the tworounded parts of the bottle are where the wand does not reach. Urband Decay has improved product out.the wand and made it slightly more slanted, but even still it does not fully get all the

Once you feel like there is no product left. Carefully cut the bottle at the two widest points with a knife...carefully! Scoop out the product and place in a little airtight jar and toss out the bottle.

The final verdict? 
This product is a makeup addict staple. I myself have re-purchased this product numerous times and I can gurantee you will too.

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Can't wait to get this Marium!!!

I love the primer by Too Faced. A little goes a long way. Also Urban Decay came out with another primer that has more of a bronzer look, which is great for summer time looks.

WOW! this looks super kool!

That sounds goooood!

Asalamu alaikum

are there any drugstore brand primers that you sisters recommend? (under a reasonable price)

@KnowledgeSeeker: you can just a little bit of foundation on your lids. That can also act as a good primer. You dont necessarily have to spend on Urban Decay cuz it is pricey.

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