Give yourself the Gift of Giving

Habibi Halaqas has now been running for about 2 years and in this time, it has grown by leaps and bounds, alhumdulillah. It started off with an audience of about 20 sisters and now the average attendance of the halaqas is around 500 sisters,alhumdulillahi rabbil 'alameen. Also, Habibi Halaqas facebook page consists of almost 20, 000 sisters, ma sha Allahtabarak Allah. I attribute this success to none other than Allah subhaana wa ta'aala, who in His utmost kindness and mercy allowed me and all the sisters involved with Habibi Halaqas to help so many sisters around the world and we ask Him to accept it from us, ameen

Posted below are feedbacks that I have received from sisters over the past year:

I just finished watching the Fiqh of Menstruation Webinar and Alhumdulillah I found it extremely helpful. I had so many uncertainties about this issue and this webinar has cleared all of them Alhumdulillah. I especaially took home the imporatnt message of not being ashamed to ask questions we may have about our deen especially in sensitive areas of discussion. I just wanted to let you know what a great job you are doing and I support you 100%! I am looking forward to your next webinar about marriage and being happy. May Allah reward you for your continued efforts InshAllah

Jazak Allah  khair  sister for a fantastic webinar on a much needed  topic. Subhan Allah this was the answer to my dua, i have been chasing after this seminar all whole the net ever since i first held of it.  Finally i was able to benefit from, even though i missed the beginning coz being in uae it was in the middle of the night for us. Al hamdo lillah, it was worth it. 

mashallah, very informative webinar. i really enjoyed listening to it, and appreciate my husband even more now:-) i think the advice overall was very practical, and one of the best highlights was the questions to ask a prospective husband. because most sisters get that part wrong and have no clue what to ask!...also good reminders to those who are married to keep the fun going:-) jazakallah to the habibi halaqa team for making this available to us.

Here are some messages I received from sisters who started wearing the hijab after our hijab webinar, alhumdulillahi rabbil 'alameen!

Salaam alaykum to all sisters @ Habibi Halaqas... Thank you to your halaqa it helped me so much to build courage and start using hijab. Last Saturday was my first time using hijab fulltime. Jazaka'Allah khayr.

Salam sisters. I proud to say that your lecture gave me the final push I was seeking and with the help of Allah swt I donned the hijab (or khimar I should say, now knowing the difference from the lecture) yesterday:)))).  I feel elated and enveloped in Allahs swt love and mercy, truely only he can guide us. Nevertheless I have thanked him loads and inshalah will continue to do o, but I would like to thank you for your efforts in producing the lecture, you have already helped one sister in islam. 

The reason I am sharing this with you is to request you to support us in our endeavors and gain ajr through Habibi Halaqas. Allah has truly put barakah in this project, alhumdulillahi rabbil 'alameen, and I wish for all of you to be a part of this. 

Please donate to Habibi Halaqas so sisters around the world can continue to benefit from it, in sha Allah. Your donation will help keep Habibi Halaqas running more smoothly and allow us to improve our halaqas and our website even more, in sha AllahPlease donate anything you can, no matter how small the amount may be. I praise Allah and ask Him to increase you in your blessings and reward you with the best of rewards in the hereafter. 




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Ibn Al Mubarak would only give his charity to people of knowledge. He was asked, 'why do you not broaden (your charity to other people)?' So he responded, 'I do not know any station, after the station of prophethood, that is more noble than the station of the scholars. So if one of them is restrained by (not being able to) provide for himself, then he will not have any time for knowledge, nor will he teach others. So to provide them time to study and teach is better (than giving it to others).'