Jun 5, 2015

Setting Up A Ramadan Hangout


Book lovers have a reading nook, video games fanatics have a gamers' den, baking fans have a baking studio, artists have creative workshops. These are all hangouts for different kinds of individuals custom-designed to serve their life's most favorite pursuits. Ramadan is a big pursuit too! And it deserves a special hangout. 

A good Ramadan Hangout helps to trigger the feels and vibes for the beautiful month of blessings. It is equipped with the resources that help focus attention to the glorious mission of the blessed 30 days. Personally, I like my hangout to be my own place of solitude. But friends can arrange for a common hangout too where combined reward (Ajr) can be gained. Here are a few recommendations from Sisterly Yours: 

  • Ensure that your Ramadan Hangout is a clean, pure place. 

  • Make sure there are no distractions around the Ramadan Hangout e.g. Xbox, Wii, TV, and etc. 

  • It is best to pitch your Ramadan Hangout close to your musallah (prayer place). If you use ja-i-namaaz (prayer rugs) then you have what I call a mobile musallah and you can just have it set up besides your hangout. 

  • Ladies, your Ramadan Hangout should ideally be a centrally located spot in the house (still, secluded enough for alone time) so you can still keep a distant watchful eye on running the house. 

  • The Ramadan Hangout should be comfortable so you can lay down when you are tired, have good back support when you are sitting up to read, and have proper cooling for hot humid summers. 

  • Get fancy and decorate your Ramadan Hangout to create the feels of Ramadan. Create an ambiance that pulls you towards the hangout! Incense sticks, candles, lanterns, comfy pillows, get creative. 

  • Have a table, organizer basket, or storage boxes around the Hangout so your Ramadan Reads, and other resources do not scatter and make the place untidy and cluttered. 

  • Have a good light source because you will be reading. 

  • Have a power outlet in case you plan to recharge your cell phone, plug in your laptop/iPod/etc. 

  • Have a pen holder stocked with pencils, pens, and highlighters because you will be reading your Ramadan Reads, taking notes, or marking important facts. 

  • Your Ramadan Hangout is the place where you will keep your Ramadan Journal.
I'd love to hear your views on this topic. Please post in the comments section below!


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