Oct 4, 2014


By Syed Faraz Luqman

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Day 9: Ramadhan 28st 1433 / August 16th 2012 

There is a strange but beautiful sense of calm the heart feels after a good long cry in the presence of Allah subhaanahu wa taala. Its like you were crying in a mother’s lap and she stroked you with her loving hands…except Allah loves us 70 times more than our own mothers. SubhanAllah.

The final parts, the final chapters of the Quran and the duas thereafter couldn't be better. The entire masjid erupted with emotion in the closing Dua of the Qu’ran. Even a person not understanding Arabic would have cried tonight, thinking of his life and sins, and thinking of Allah the almighty. Made it a point to record the entire Witr on my mp3 player. The heart feels so light, so satisfied at having begged in front of the only one deserving of it. Making dua'a is also a duty in its own right, and it feels light to dispense it in such a grandiose manner. A fantastic grand finale to the Taraweeh led by Sheikh Abdur Rahman As-Sudais. May Allah bless him.

Ali and Hussain left. Missing Hussain’s smiling presence already. Hope he has a good journey back inshaAllah. The teacher and his protégé brought more bread and juice today again. MashaAllah. The protégé is being trained to become a hafiz, mashaAllah.

Around Asr I was joined by 2 Indian brothers. Shahnawaz and Shujahuddin. Mumbai and Hyderabad respectively. A nice discussion of deen ensued for a short while.

The old regal sheikh who looks like dad’s friend was here too. He invited me for a dinner with him and my Ethiopian brothers. Taufiq brought the invitation to me. He said that the sheikh was praising me and invited me. I was humbled but refused due to being in the state of itekaaf. The sheikh nevertheless personally came and held my hand and invited me. I still apologized but refused for the sake of the Itekaaf. He smiled and said, “Never mind, I’ll bring you dinner”. This man is clearly older than dad and I was so thoroughly embarrassed but he smiled in a very congenial manner and insisted it was not a big deal. A small celebration was due for the Qu’ran closing night. It was so nice to be so loved and praised by a man I couldn't interact much apart from exchanging salaams, handshakes, perfume sharing, zam-zam glasses sharing and standing side by side during Salah.

Alhamdulillah, Summa Alhamdulillah, I finished my Qu’ran recitation today as well. After taraweeh, I followed the imam and sat down and finished the 30th part of the Qu’ran.
Feels really blessed.

Apart from my parents, today I'm missing my younger aunt (Noor Hafiza Phuppu) a lot today. She was the lady who guided me through the last chapters when I finished reciting my Qu’ran for the first time in my life. Although we are very far apart today, I pray we are brought together soon inshaAllah.

Possibly last fast tomorrow and Eid on Saturday or Sunday.
Tomorrow is Jumma Al Wida (The Farewell Jumuah of Ramadhan). It will be packed !!

Tawakkal Allah wa bihamdik !

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