Oct 2, 2014


By Syed Faraz Luqman

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Day 8: Ramadhan 27st 1433 / August 15th 2012 

Just realized today is India’s independence day. And this realization brought forth another one with it. I've been cut off from the entire world. I've no idea what’s going on out there. All the news stories I was following closely, no clue. And I've no curiosity left on it either. This world in here, I'm loving it. Wouldn't trade it for the world.

Day has been usual. Iftar was awesome. Got a full quboos today with curds courtesy a teacher and his protégé who've been in the first saff since a few days. They are very nice. The teacher speaks good English. Its endearing to be called Mr. Engineer by most of these elderly gentlemen here. Its filled with love and respect.

Hussain invited me to Egypt today. He was advising me in religion and towards the end of our conversation, he invited me to come visit his family in Cairo and he promised to show me the best of sights around Al- Misr. He is leaving tomorrow. He came by bus to Makkah from Egypt and it is a 2 and a half day drive. So if he leaves now, he will reach home in time for Eid.. He helped me get a book from outside. Ar-Raheeq Al Maqtoom (The Sealed Nectar- A biography of the Noble Prophet sallallaahu alaihi wa sallam)

*The brother just got me a glass of 7-up as I write this. I was thinking of one for the past 2-3 days to calm my turbulent stomach and he suddenly pops up with some…SubhanAllah*

Rest of the day been normal. Was tired after yesterday’s Qiyam so just sat and recited Qu’ran today.

Qu’ran recitation update: Finished Surah Mursilat (No. 77) – Will complete Qu’ran tomorrow inshaAllah.

P.s. Finished a week here today. Can’t believe Allah made it so relatively smooth for me. May he accept my broken and incomplete ibadah and Taubah. InshaAllah

P.p.s. There is another Sheikh who sits with us these days. He is from Saudi I cant tell. He usually shows up for Taraweeh and stays till Qiyam. He looks like a photocopy of one of dad’s close friends but sports an awesome beard and is very regal looking. He is always dressed immaculately and although I know he is old, I cant place his age. In salah I can usually hear him teary in every sajdah. He speaks very little English and is very friendly mashaAllah. He has this magnetic effect which draws me to learn from him. I can see him teaching a few things to the Taufiq and his friend but it is in Arabic :(

InshaAllah, someday.

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