Oct 5, 2014


By Syed Faraz Luqman 

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Day 10: Ramadhan 29st 1433 / August 17th 2012 

All praise be to Allah, the merciful, the compassionate and the only rule of All the universe. Its almost up. Although Ramadhan this year is for 30 days (Eid has been declared for Sunday the 19th inshaAllah). The final fast began with Magrib today.

My old friend Nauman has joined me for the last day inshaAllah.
My Ethiopian brothers left early today after Fajr. Taufiq hugged me before leaving and said, “Ana hubbak billah” (I love you for (the sake of) Allah). I was so touched. I replied with the same. They smiled and left. I hope I meet phenomenal people again someday inshaAllah. Mom was right, I made some amazing friends here. Although that wasn’t the objective of the trip, it was a pleasant bonus.

Being Jumma Al wida, It was jam packed since morning today. Alhamdulillah it was comfortable nonetheless. Sheikh Sudais gave the Qutbah and led the Salaah. Many didn’t expect Eid tomorrow, but I did. After Isha when they announced the call for Taraweeh. The sinus build-up in my forehead seems really heavy and could feel the earth pulling my head during sajdahs.

The last Taraweeh and the last Qiyaam al layl for this Ramadhan has ended. I pray Allah accepts all our duas and prayers and my incomplete attempt at Itekaaf. Aameen.

More than anything else, I hope my duas for my parents, my brother, my own forgiveness and all the special duas for my loved ones are accepted.

Aameen. Summa Aameen.

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