Sep 28, 2014


By Syed Faraz Luqman

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Day 6: Ramadhan 25st 1433 / August 13th 2012

Met my friend Taoufik just a while ago. He’s come from Germany with his sister for Umrah. May Allah accept his journey and ibadah inshaAllah. Gave him my cellphone to get charged from his hotel, inshaAllah.

Day was fairly regular. My mind and body have adapted fully to the sleep cycle, environment, people and diet. 6 days since meat, vegetables or rice. Yes it is not long I know but the fact that I'm not missing any of them is baffling. The craving did occur yesterday and today for a few minutes. The thoughts of returning home to gorge on Biryani or warm roti was a small imagination of heaven in a way. And then the reality hit me.

Ramadhan is a time to remind (or teach) us how the poor people feel without food. For them, the time or month is irrelevant. Food is still scarce. The entire exercise of reminding and feeling the pangs of destitute is a waste if you return to gorging yourself the day it ends. This is a test run, a demo…to remind you that there are people out there, who have to spend their entire lives living a life which I've been living these few days. If this training cannot change me, don’t know what will.

The desire to do something more in life is getting stronger.
I don’t want to make promises I will break.
Or commitments I wont be able to honour.
Whatever I do, however I do it, should be done it its entirety. If I cannot honour it well, my life and my lesson here is a failure and has to be repeated…..more strictly.
In light of all of this, my personal problems seem so small and insignificant. I am ashamed that I (we) worry so much about absurd little stuff which is so inconsequential when there are much bigger issues to dwell upon.

My neighbour for Qiyam Al Layl yesterday was a brother from Burma. Initially I thought he was Mongolian due to his features but he said he was from Burma and my heart melted. The situation in Rohingya is beyond horrid. The words cannot express the torment of my brothers sisters and children in that troubled land. I could see it in his eyes. I wanted to hug my brother and tell him I loved him and I prayed for our brothers and sisters back home, for their peace and their forgiveness and to deliver them from all tribulations…but what confidence do I put in my sinful duas…And what confidence could I give him?

Sheikh Sudais mentions Burma with Palestine and Syria in his witr dua. Yesterday his dua was especially heart rending. More so upon my brother beside me. When he made dua for the mercy upon our brothers and sisters in Burma, I could feel my brother beside me break down in tears. It didn’t take more than a few seconds for me to feel his pain quiver in my heart. I didn't have the courage to ask him if his family members were in Rohingya. Later he told me that his immediate family was with him in Makkah.

After Qiyam he invited me home for suhoor in the most beautiful manner. He took my hand in his and looked into my eyes with a smile and said, “Aaj aap mere mehmaan baniye” (Please be my guest at my home today). I was touched. Beyond touched, I was numb..

The true character a person possesses is the indestructible persona which always shines through the day-to-day layers of pain, affliction, misery, pride, sadness, success, failure or anger. Just a few minutes after having cried his heat out in the prayer for his torn home, his burning country and countrymen, he wipes his eyes and opens his heart with hospitality.

A religion of hate indeed !!

I told him I'm bound by the masjid’s boundaries of Itekaaf. He was very happy to hear and then requested me to pray for his country. He looked away and in a choking voice said, “Mera mulk bohot takleef mein hai…Dua kijiye” (My land is in a lot of pain..please pray for us)

I don’t have anymore to write.
I cannot think.

Allahumma ansuril Islaam wal Muslimeen 
Oh Allah, Help Islam and the Muslims. 

Qu’ran Recitation Update: Reached Surah Fatir (No. 38)

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