Jul 4, 2014

The Muslim Youth and Halal Entertainment

by Amina Edota


Modern Challenges

Today's ultra modern entertainment industry with super rich investors and unending initiatives brings with it, constantly changing forms of entertainment -from Hollywood to Bollywood; X-boxes to tablets and many others. 

From this virtual world of imagination and fantasies, to real-time celebrity, music & drug themed parties; the Muslim youth are faced with challenges of how and where to spend their time for leisure, because many of these modern kinds of entertainment have no place in Islam.

Rather, Islam encourages entertainment for uplifting experiences as well as activities for reflection and refreshment, all the while recognising the need for the youth to seek entertainment while maintaining their Islamic identity and preserving their honour and dignity.


There are important reminders for the youth to utilise that period in life of great energy and embrace the opportunities within; because it will pass eventually and only those who utilise it wisely will reap the rewards in this life and the next. One of such reminders is contained in the following narration.

The feet of the Children of Adam, on the Day of Judgement, will not move from their Lord until after being asked five things: His life and how it occupied him, his youth and what he did while it lasted, his wealth, how he acquired it and how he spent it, his knowledge and what he did with it (At-Tirmidhi)

From those who are blessed to live beyond their 60s and 70s; we observe that a lot of things change physically and mentally. And while their hearts may still be attached to worship and good deeds, the body may lack the ability to withstand many activities.

Halal Fun

It is perfectly all right, and in fact advisable to take time to relax. The youth should not remain engrossed in work, chores or studies all the time. It is important to balance work and leisure. This will help to relieve stress and have a clear head for bright new ideas. 

Whether alone or in company of friends, it is important to avoid hanging around without any purpose or frequent snooker halls and places where free mixing, drugs and alcohol are in abundance. The youth must not simply kill time, or fill it with activities that bring no benefit.

Balance is required in engaging even in halal entertainment. For example, watching educative and enlightening programmes on TV as well as seeking valuable information on the internet is encouraged but should not become excessive or addictive.

Simple Entertainment Ideas

Here are few simple and permissible entertainment ideas.
  • Spending time outdoors appreciating and contemplating nature and its beauty. Picnics & barbeques can also be organised outdoors. Nature walks and visiting parks are also relaxing and a big change from being indoors, especially in front of a screen.
  • Sports are typically fun - keeping the body fit & healthy. They imbibe discipline and foster team spirit. Our beloved Prophet SalAllahu alaihi wasallam enjoyed some sports too. And the companions, RadiAllahu anhum, also engaged in sports. Whether it is basketball, swimming, races or gymnastics - a healthy body is stronger, and consequently allows a more fit and active life.
  • The Masjid serves as a social centre for Muslims. Some offer activities specifically for the Muslim youth and this allows socialisation with other youth of similar interests and age. Thereby fostering a sense of community and belonging.
  • Performing or listening to spoken Islamic poetry such as those of Br. Boonaa Muhammad.

For a blessed entertainment session, the youth must engage only in what is permissible and avoid all that is prohibited - such as free mixing of sexes, gambling, alcohol, porn etc

Enjoying good times with family and friends, in a halal way is a form of worship while creating fond memories and loving feelings. The Muslim youth can have fun, get relaxed and fit, and still earn some ajr (reward)

Since the ultimate goal of the believer is to earn Allah's pleasure and attain Paradise, the Muslim youth must always aim to fulfil the duties that are due upon them and relax when required in permissible ways.

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