May 2, 2014

Learning Arabic Part 2

By Amal S. 

If you did not read Part 1, check out that article first insha’Allah.

Excuse-buster: “Isn’t Arabic really hard?”

Arabic actually is not a difficult language – it is actually very logical and systematic.

Allah (subhanahu wa ta’ala) can make what seems difficult, easy! There are a lot of challenging things in life, but they are worth it in the end, as some of us have come to know. I am sure many of us said the same thing about the Cell Theory in Biology, or long division in Mathematics, or child birth in the hospital room! Many times in our lives we have studied something which was challenging for us, but we did not give up, simply because we had to pass the course or we knew there were benefits in continuing it.

Embark on this path of seeking knowledge as a journey that you yearn to embark on, and not an ‘option’ you can quit at any time. It may be challenging at first, but it will be a test of sincerity and patience. The bigger the struggle, the more reward insha’Allah, and the sweeter its fruit. Stick with it and, insha’Allah, the reward in this life and the next will be unimaginable – every penny and every second you spend on this effort will be rewarded bi’ithnillahi Ta’ala!

It will take patience and commitment, but is it not worth it to better understand the words of Ar-Rahman, as they were revealed to the Prophet salAllahu ‘alayhiwasallam?

Allah Ta’ala can make learning easy. Any endeavours that seek the pleasure of Allah Ta’ala can be filled with barakah (blessings), insha’Allah.

Excuse-buster: I am not going to study now, insha’Allah I will go study abroad in the future…

Do not let Shaytan trick you into putting off the time, opportunities, and resources you have and not making an effort to learn. Alhamdulilah, if it has been decreed for you to go and study abroad, then go ahead and further your studies However, if this is not the case, then you should make an effort to start studying now, wherever you are and with whatever resources are available to you, insha’Allah.

Action Time: “Yes! I want to learn Arabic!!! How do I sign up?”

1) If you live in a city with a large Muslim population and many Islamic Institutes, then it is likely that there are structured courses available at your local masjid or Islamic learning institutes, maasha’Allah walhamdulillah. Or perhaps you could find an Arabic tutor to personally teach you or a group of sisters insha’AllahTa’ala.

2) If you cannot find any classes in your areas or a knowledgeable and committed teacher to teach you, then there are many books, such as Arabic Through the Qur’an by Alan Jones, Madinah Arabic books, and others, as well as an abundance of online videos, podcasts, pdf files, audio files, and online one-on-one tutoring (

3) Increase your reward by encouraging your family and friends to learn with you.

Excuse-buster: I do not think I have the time…

We do have the time. If we really take a critical analysis of our day, we find that we spend our time doing other things, some of which are not very fruitful.

Do not be overwhelmed. Choose a course of action, devise a realistic and practical plan, and stick to it. Just make sure you enter it in a structured, consistent way. It is more productive and fruitful to continuously put aside 10 minutes of Arabic every day or 1 hour a week, than to nobly set out for 3 hours every day, only to find yourself giving up shortly thereafter. Consistency is important.

Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan, founder of Bayyinah Institute and an Islamic speaker and Arabic teacher, said that he began studying Arabic by dedicating approximately 20 minutes every evening to it, and now, by the mercy and permission of Allah Ta’ala, look at where he is.

Therefore, if you cannot enroll in a program and are forced to self-study, start small but be consistent – choose a practical increment of time to study frequently insha’Allah. To reiterate, studying for 15 minutes regularly (daily or weekly) is generally more fruitful than studying for 4 hours every few months, though there is goodness in both insha’Allah.

A few Glimpses at the Amazingness of Arabic




So what’s stopping us? Bismillah, let’s go for it!

I hope it will be a means to draw closer to Allah (subhanahu wa ta’ala), His Book, and His Messenger (salAllahu ‘alayhiwasallam).


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