Jan 8, 2014

Manifestation of God’s Oneness: Inspired By Nature Part 2

By Melody

Part 1


The evidence we have around us is remarkable proof that God is One. In the last part, we started looking two themes related to this. The first theme revolves around how this universe is fixed by the same norms, and the second revolves around the integration, harmony, and completion that can be seen in nature.  Now we shall continue our discussion with these themes in mind.

Now, the next concept is the system of balance. The earth was created in balance and it is important to maintain it and not upset it.

"And the heaven He raised and imposed the balance, That you not transgress within the balance." (55:7-8)

This can be applied to the environment. If we exhaust excessive carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, the end result is what has been described as global warming. If we cut down too many trees or hunt animals and plants excessively this upsets the food chain. Everything was created in balance. Thus, with our bodies, there is the concept of a "balanced diet" that should be maintained; a deviation from this could cause obesity and heart disease on the one hand, and malnutrition and scurvy on the other hand. Furthermore, with regards to temperature: the optimum temperature our bodies can handle is that which is in the middle – neither scorching hot nor too cold; we cannot function at either extremes – we operate best in the middle temperature.

SubhanAllah, how He created the concept of extremes and how we were designed to cope only in the middle way.

This concept of balance and its importance can be applied to our daily lives. It is important to have a balance in all aspects of our lives, in terms of family, work, rest, and our deen. Our bodies and physique cannot function with working, with no breaks, excessively all the time; neither can they function when we are ‘chilling’ all the time. Being moderate and balanced with the two extremes gives us peace. Neglecting the soul can result in symptoms of discontentment and imbalance, so it is important to split our lives to answer to all these needs.

Just ponder for a moment how different life would be if there was more than one Creator. We would not be able to identify these unified and consistent systems, since the different deities each would want to incorporate their own designs to their creation.

Sun and moon
Ever since man has been on earth, the sun has risen from the east and set in the west; this norm remains the same today. This is the same when it comes to the concept of day and night. It is a norm that happens every day and something we take for granted. Now, imagine if there were two deities – each wanting to reveal its creativity and attributes on its creation, there would certainly be conflict and the sun may rise differently one day because the other has changed its mind! As Allah subhanawataa'la tells us:

"Had there been within the heavens and earth gods besides Allah, they both would have been ruined. So exalted is Allah, Lord of the Throne, above what they describe." (21:22)

2) Integration

We find examples of the concept of integration around us, where different systems complete and complement each other, where everything fits in together and works to serve the same end:

The water cycle
Let us think about the water cycle. There are five constituents involved: the sun causes evaporation of the water in the sea and the wind carries water vapour high to produce the clouds. The force of gravity then causes the rain to fall from the sky onto the lands and sea and thus the process continues! Why God did not make the coming of rain a simple independent process of rain falling down on to earth? Why are there so many other constituents involved, all different to each other yet dependent on each other? This is proof of His Oneness. Only the Lord of the Worlds, Creator of each of these constituents is able to integrate them together as such.

CO2 and O2
As humans, we were designed to need oxygen to live and for our cells to function. If the oxygen was to run out, we would not be able to live! So Allah subhanahu wa ta' ala has placed a system to ensure a constant supply of oxygen. Look at the extraordinary integration: Plants have cells that are designed to release oxygen in a process called photosynthesis - a vital process that plants need to gain their fuel. Conversely, we release CO2 as a waste gas into the atmosphere which, in turn, the plant needs in the process of photosynthesis! Imagine if there were more deities, and all creatures were created to take in oxygen and no process existed to ensure integration and completion of the needs of all the creations?

Nutrients for the creation
We were designed to need food as a supply of vital nutrients to help us function. God created for man a digestive system that is designed and suited to the foods available on this earth. We possess enzymes that are able to break down the food that is available to us! If there were two deities, one responsible for the creation of humans and the other for the food on earth, there would not be this integration that is evident in nature.

Final words
These are just a few examples of the much wisdom and explanation behind the name of Al-Ahad. I would advise that you dwell on the points even after reading this article, and look at the world around you in a different light. You will see examples more relevant to you; the idea is to truly live this Name in your day to day life. Refer to Amr Khaled's original video of this explanation, where further detail of this name and its importance have been given, available in English subtitles: (http://youtu.be/hTJvaa8N98M).

Let your heart, mind, and body be absorbed in His Remembrance as you contemplate over His Greatness!


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