Jan 24, 2014

7 things you DON’T need as a new mother- Part 2

by Tara Alomari

Part 1


In part 1 of this topic, we covered 3 things that are not necessary for a new mother. Here, we continue to discuss some things that people believe are needed but which we can really do without, inshaAllah.

4: Nursing Bra:

There is nothing I regret more than going to Mothercare and buying three new nursing bras when I was about 6 months pregnant. Though you may need a bigger bra or two, it is not necessary to shell out extra cash on that little clip-flap mechanism that defines a nursing bra. All you have to do is 1: pull your boob up, 2: pull your bra cup down and voila! It pops right out!

5: Breast Pump:

I have heard of some women finding this one useful, particularly those who go back to work while still nursing. However, I personally consider it to be unnecessary when you can just as easily (and for free!) use your hand. Some find them effective at getting out milk, I personally did not. Even if they are effective for you, they are still unwieldy and expensive. Hand-pumping does take a bit of self-experimentation, but once you get the hang of it, you will never go back. And concerning breast pumping in the work place, consider this: which is more embarrassing: sitting at your desk with a milk pump attached to your breast or going somewhere discrete and doing it by hand? Plus, it is just one more bulky thing you have to stuff into your growing purse/diaper bag and lug all over town.

6: Synthetic Milk:

Everyone heard about the benefits of breast milk by now. From making healthier, smarter babies to preventing breast cancer and speeding weight loss in mothers, the stuff's practically magic. Unless there is some kind of very compelling reason why a woman cannot breastfeed (which there are many, and it is okay), I personally see no reason why she would ever choose not to. Besides the expense, all the time and planning involved in making proper bottles for very young babies is a total waste. It is also the last thing you want to get up and do at 3 in the morning when there is a warm meal waiting and ready, perfectly biologically tailored to your babies particular needs.

7: Anything Brand-New (or Brand-Name):

Finally, there is absolutely no reason why you have to buy whatever you are going to buy brand new. This particularly applies to big-ticket items like cribs and car seats which will cost you a fortune new. Why buy something new when you can get like-new quality for a fraction of the price? Hitting up the charity/thrift stores, garage/yard/car boot sales and second-handing from friends and family will seriously save you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars. In fact, you will probably be pleasantly surprised, just as I was, at how generous people are towards new mothers. Many families just cannot wait to give away their old baby stuff. If you have what could be called Family, of any kind whatsoever, and especially if you have a mother/mother-in-law with whom you are on at least speaking terms, you will find that most of your bases will be covered before the baby even arrives.

It is my hope that this list can help a few new mothers save some money, avoid falling into the traps of motherhood advertising, and reassess their basic assumptions and needs for their baby, inshaAllah. Having a baby is a life-altering and often very difficult process, but it does not have to cost a fortune.

I'd love to hear your views on this topic. Please post in the comments section below!


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