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Jan 31, 2014

How Did My Kids Get To Be So Annoying?!

By Hend Hegazi


I am not talking about the annoying that comes with being awakened from a deep sleep by an excruciatingly smelly diaper. Or the number of times a day I hear, “ I'm all done peeing and pooping…come wash my butt!!”

I am not even talking about the way they always seem to wait until I come out of the kitchen after having spent hours in there, to tell me they are hungry. Or that their favourite time to tell me about their day is not when I ask, but rather just when it is time to do homework.

I am not talking about how they follow me around the house like new born chicks of a mother goose. Or even—for reasons I am sure I will never understand—when I say, “Stay out of the guest room” what they hear is “Party in the guest room!”

I am not talking about how their very favourite place to sneeze is directly in my face. Or the way all the cupboard knobs are in a perpetual state of stickiness. These are all annoying things they do despite themselves…it is just part of being a kid. (Right?? Someone tell me I am right. Oh, please God tell me I am not just fooling myself into thinking they will eventually outgrow these behaviours!!)

What I am talking about is the way they are intentionally annoying, usually to each other.

My two year old and four year old were fighting over some books. Neither of them reads, obviously, and to be honest, they usually spend about three seconds looking at the pictures then they proceed to tear the pages out. The condition of the books they were fighting over was already pretty pitiful. I managed to convince my son to give his younger sister the one she wanted. They both seemed happy with the compromise, then a second later he turns to her and says, “Naa naa na naa na! I have two books and you only have one!” How annoying is that?! And I just cannot remember where he learned that whinny chant. And what is the point of even saying that? To pick another fight, of course! Annoying!!

My four year old came home from pre-school the other day with a lollipop. His older brother begged and begged for it, “for just a lick even,” but with no luck. When the younger one finally opened it up, his brother asked him, “Does it taste good?” And without even waiting for the answer, he said, “I hope it tastes bad.” Need I say more??

The oldest heard his brother say he was going to play with a certain toy. So of course, in the spirit of true annoyingness, he goes and grabs it before his brother can.

Do they think it is an art? “The art of being annoying”

Despite all their annoying, they are unquestionably Allah’s greatest blessings. May Allah bless all the Muslim children, and grant their parents patience and guide us to raise them with Islam as their foundation and Paradise as their goal.

Do your kids annoy you like this? Please post in the comments section below :) 

Jan 29, 2014

Productive Procrastination, It Exists

By Glip


Even though my journey towards achieving productivity and beating procrastination is still in progress, my sister on the other hand happens to be one of the most organized and productive people I know. For the sake of giving you advice that is tried and triumphant, I have interviewed her for some very helpful tips.


The Record, Divide, and Conquer Strategy
We all have those weeks where all our projects, assignments, familial duties, and life-long aspirations decide to pile up against us, leaving us feeling overwhelmed and highly unaccomplished.

Although this may sound too simple, recording what you need to do and when allows you some form of control over the numerous duties being thrown at you constantly. Both my sister and I can attest to the fact that writing down your tasks will make you feel better.

Divide your Tasks into Three Categories:
Group A: Tasks that are very simplistic and can be done even during a severe brain fart.
E.g. Replying to emails, making appointments, returning phone calls, etc.

Group B: Tasks that require some thinking or breaking down, or have prerequisite steps to them, but not to the point that they give you a few gray hairs.
E.g. Figuring out the complicated logistics of ordering a product online, chores, etc.

Group C: These tasks may be real brain teasers or things that you know you will struggle with. These tasks require patience, critical thinking, and great focus.
E.g. Writing a term paper or speech, putting together a lesson plan or workshop, etc.

While it is nice to organize our many duties, there is still no guarantee that they will get done. Getting things done should be the ultimate objective. This is where strategy comes in.


The whole reason for categorizing your personal chores complies with my sister’s “Productive Procrastination” philosophy.

This is how it works; all the tasks on your list need to get done, correct?

Well, each group of tasks also represents a certain energy level, the simplistic “A” tasks requiring less energy and the multi-faceted “C” tasks requiring more. The aim of this philosophy is to get you to complete the tasks that match the energy level you have at a given time.

So, for example, if you are an energetic morning person, it would make sense that you do your “C” tasks towards the start of your day, while postponing your “A” tasks towards the more lethargic parts of your day.

This is where the “Productive Procrastination” title comes into play; now, let us say you are experiencing a writer’s block and have been staring at a blank Microsoft document screen for the past fifteen minutes. DO NOT JUST SIT THERE!

Procrastinate that writing assignment to a time where you have more energy and a clearer mind, and move on to scheduling your long-needed dentist appointment and doing your laundry. While you are pushing away one task, and for a good reason, you are still being productive by knocking out other items on your to-do list.

If you are a major procrastinator like me, you sometimes just do not have the luxury of switching over to another less demanding task for the moment because your assignment is due in a few hours. At that point, not much can be done. But some preventive measures can be taken to lessen the chance of you nearly becoming toast again.


Pre-planning is the Way Yes, pre-planning. Creating blocks of time for each task ahead of time to ensure that things get done. Assigning days and times to get a task done helps you break down the task itself, which is a step that I find most useful when attempting to cover “C” group tasks. Pre-planning also places you three steps ahead, allowing you the luxury of shifting gears depending on how you feel or adjust to unforeseen events.

Start by placing vague deadlines within the month, and then be more specific in your weekly plans. On a daily basis, be extremely detailed in what you plan to cover. My sister advises that at the end of each day, set some of the goals and tasks you plan to cover the following day and reflect on your productivity; what kept you from doing what you needed to do, and what pushed you forward?

Using a Google Calendar is highly recommended, one of the reasons being that Google will email you reminders for anything you input into your calendar.

Another perk of taking on this strategy is that it allows you to make time for what you LIKE to do as well. We all want that “ME-time” so bad, and when we finally get it, we just do not know what to do with ourselves. Creating a list of things to do during your free time, after blocking it out in your calendar, will help you set a balance of both work and play.

I imagine you might be saying this: “Well, this is great. But the motivation to do this task has yet to hit me. My fingers are still not flowing rhythmically on my keyboard to produce an eloquent piece of writing.”

And my sister is quick to point this out: No one can make you do your work. But many times our hesitation is due to some emotional reservations we have about a certain task to be done.

For example, I personally am very nervous when it comes to public speaking, as most people are. My anxiety and nerves will repeatedly make me resist writing my debate arguments and rebuttals. The issue is not so much about the task itself, but the reason behind our reluctance.

The solution is simply to break it down. Figure out why you are resisting getting the job done, and then do what you feel will help you resolve the issue best. If the reason is your nerves, make some duaa and the more you focus on preparation, the better your work will turn out. In this situation, the ball is in your court and it is up to you to figure out how to refocus and remain confident. My sister, as the productivity guru, says, “Sometimes you gotta pull a Nike and just do it!”

I'd love to hear your views on this topic. Please post in the comments section below! :)

Jan 27, 2014

Virtues of Pregnancy in Islam - PART 1

by Umm Amal

Part 2


It was just the other day that the lecturer in my Economics class presented a table displaying the fertility rates for different Southeast Asian countries and was explaining how they have decreased substantially over the years. I do not remember exactly when, but some 30-40 years ago, the fertility rate in these Southeast Asian countries was about six children per household. Now, for the few Muslim countries in that region, it is about three per household. We, as Muslim women, should realize the virtues of pregnancy in Islam, and the importance of bearing and raising children.

The following are some virtues of pregnancy which have been authentically reported. It is important to note that there are many virtues which have circulated and are unauthentic, or have been totally fabricated. Despite someone’s intentions, fabricating virtues is not correct so let us stick to what is authentic and true. Certainly the Mercy and Reward of Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala is vast and He will reward as generously and abundantly as He wills, and that is sufficient for us.

Some virtues of pregnancy:

1. You are fulfilling one of the Islamic intents of marriage – procreation

As part of a longer hadith, it is reported that the Prophet sal Allaahu alayhi wasallam said, what means: “Marry the one who is loving and prolific (could bear many children), for I will be proud of your large numbers before the nations.” (Saheeh Abu Dawud)

“There is no doubt that a woman’s pregnancy and giving birth is fulfilling an aim of sharee‘ah that is dear to Allah, which is increasing the progeny of the Muslims who proclaim the Oneness of Allah, the followers of the Prophet (sal Allaahu alayhi wasallam).” (IslamQA)

2. Expiation of Sins Plus Reward for Hardship 

You can be purified from sins and/or earn reward for patiently bearing all the illness, discomfort, pain, and hardship of pregnancy and child birth. From a hadith of the Prophet sal Allaahu alayhi wasallam, we learn that a Muslim’s sins are expiated even from the prick of a thorn; the experience of pregnancy is much more than that. Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala is fully aware of even the most minute of details about what a person is going through. And, did you know, that the woman who dies in pregnancy or childbirth will die as a martyr, insha’Allah? – Allahu Akbar. (Saheeh Abu Dawud)

3. A Righteous Child - Source of Du’a After Death 

The du’a (supplication) of Muslim children is a great source of benefit for the parents after their death. While a mother’s time to do good deeds has come to an end and she is in her grave, imagine her child making du’a for her in the last third of the night, in Ramadan, in sujood! For more reading on this particular point, check: http://islamqa.info/en/ref/9014 . 

Stay tuned for Part 2 of this article where we explore additional virtues of pregnancy inshaAllah.

I'd love to hear your views on this topic. Please post comments in the section below!

For more reading:
Virtues: http://islamqa.info/en/ref/161204
Expecting Parents: http://muslimmatters.org/2010/05/17/the-family-way-ten-tips-for-expecting-muslims/
Blog on Muslim Motherhood on a variety of topics: http://worldofumm.blogspot.co.uk/

Jan 26, 2014


By Alawiya Abdalla


*The day before Ramadan*

I cannot stop going over the plan! It is too exciting, I could not sleep all night. We have to do something about him, what makes him even more disgusting is that he tormented Shaimaa the day she came to Egypt
And he will continue to do so if he is not stopped  The only way is this, and I am definitely up for it.

It is 9 O’clock at night, and I am at this bar where Ayman hangs out according to Dina. I am wearing over the top expensive clothes. You see to get Ayman’s attention I need to use my status as a wealthy guy to lure him to the spot that we agreed on.

He will not even look at you twice if you look poor. So I am dressed in my t-shirt from Emporio Armani, short sleeves, a v-neck and logo embroidery to the chest just to make sure that he can see the designer sign on it  Teamed up with dark blue Rocawear Jeans.

I am so not into that stuff anymore, but I have to show off today for the plan to work you see  
I have to go back to being the person I was before.
I have to be everything I came to hate, I have to do it otherwise the plan will not work.
I came in the bar with my shades on, which I am supposed to wear all the time I am with him so he will not recognize me after tonight.
I asked the bartender where I might find him, at first he was reluctant to show me his whereabouts but as I slipped him a £20 note he pointed towards the VIP section.

Well THIS is a tricky situation  How do I strike up a conversation with him, when he is in the VIP section?? I guess I will just have to wait till he comes out!
I wait here sipping Fanta instead of Alcohol, because I am done with it! I cannot even stand the smell of the bar anymore. I am passed all that nonsense, and I will make sure I never go back to that life again Inshallah.

15 minutes pass when I spot him making his way to the toilets by himself, PERFECT

I make my way to the toilet, and I wait for him until he finishes his business and when he goes to wash his hands I put my plan to action.

I bump into him purposely, and I make sure I drop ALOT of cash on the floor for him to see
“Oh, I’m so sorry there” I say it picking up my scattered money slowly.
He sees the amount of money and a big smile spreads across his face

“Ayman. What’s your name?” He offers his hand to greet me in Arabic. I look at him confused, but understand what he asked. Just want him to think that I am a foreigner, so he repeats the question in English.
“Ahmed” I reply with a lie, Why Ahmed? I have no idea
“You need to be careful dropping money like that. If it was someone else who saw you, you’d have been robbed” He says it with a perfect American accent.
“Oh this is nothing! They can steal this if they want, I have plenty. My dad owns a computer company in England, and he likes to spoil me” I exaggerate my lies, making myself sound so pathetic I know
“What a coincidence! I’m rich too!” He says it proudly.
“That’s great! I’m actually here to calm my nerves, as some lady promised me she’ll get me some chicks for fun tonight” I tell him pretending to adjust my t-shirt, as players do

“Do you wanna come to the VIP section for a while, then maybe we can go together or something and you can introduce me to them as well. That is if you want of course!” He suggests this very intended offer with humor in his voice.
“Why not! But one drink and we have to leave, as I haven’t got time” I accept his offer.

We enter the VIP room, and the place is full of smoke coming from the Shisha. It is also filled with drinks on the large table in middle, and his friends look wasted from all angles
Wow, seeing these people with sober eyes makes me so disgusted with them. How was I ever in a similar place not long ago, I have no idea! I feel physically sick just being near this place.
All I need to do is get this idiot out of here, I wait for him to finish his drinks and I whisper to him that it is time to go because I did not want any of the other guys to hear us and ask to come with us!

In case you were wondering, No I did not drink He is actually quite wasted that he has not noticed__

a) That I am wearing my sunglasses indoors all the time.
b) That I did not touch the drink that was in my hand.

So the plan is in motion, all I need to do is call Hossam to let him know that we are on our way

I have finally had my questions answered last night, questions that was hovering in my thoughts for years and years. Questions I that I was afraid to ask my brother in case it hurts me.

Well, it did hurt It hurts so much to hear from my brother’s lips that he hated me all these years. I cannot deny the feeling of my heart tightening, when he finally confessed his hate towards me. But I also cannot deny my utter sympathy for his condition, and anything I felt melted and vanished when my little brother looked so lost and scared

Yes I am stuck in this wheelchair for the rest of my life, but he is losing his brain slowly with each passing day. I know what illness he is talking about, I just do not know its medical term.
I know that he needs his family more than ever now, despite what happened between us. He came here to his brother in order to come to terms with his illness.
Subhanallah, all these years of praying has been answered. I have waited for this moment almost my entire life, the moment when my brother would come and put the past behind us has finally arrived and I could not be happier

But there is one thing eating away at my heart, and I cannot seem to shake it off as usual. My brother confessed that this whole marriage thing between Shaimaa and Osman is a pretence, to get the money my mother left in her will
I was quite shocked, not because I found out about the will! But at the fact that Shaimaa lied to me, and did not say anything to me!!!!

Why would my daughter agree to this?? When my brother brought Osman and proposed, I thought about how unsuitable they are to each other but I did not want to make a decision on behalf of my daughter.

That is her right, I know that. But when she accepted, I was confused because I thought she would be much suited to Hossam but I guess marriage is like death.
You never know when or who you are gonna get married to, but something still does not add up
Did Shaimaa accept the marriage proposal solely on the basis that we would get the inheritance? Or is there more to it than meets the eye???
I just know my daughter and I think there is more to it than just money, I have to ask her to put my mind at rest
At times like this that I really know that I am disabled! My poor daughter taking the blunt of my disability, by having all our financial problems on her shoulders
I do not mind Osman actually, he just looks lost. But the way he looks at my daughter is obvious that he admires her? I have no idea what to think anymore

One thing I am sure of is I desperately need to talk to my daughter Shaimaa, I need to find out the truth from her. My daughter can never lie to me face to face.
I just need to find her.

That is strange! It is almost 9:30 at night and she is not here! and I cannot seem to find Osman as well!

We have arrived to the agreed place, have to say even the taxi driver was like “Are you sure you wanna go to that place Sir? It’s quite dark and scary”

I just slipped him with a £5 note and he happily took us there. Our friend Ayman here is quite wasted, that he did not notice where we are going
I say the plan is in motion BIG TIME BOY! I spot Hossam covering his face like a ninja and I make my way to him steadying Ayman at the same time.

“Where are the hot chicks? And why are we outside in a dark alley?” He asks slurring his words.
We do not answer him, but Hossam takes a bottle of water opens it and chucks right on his face.
He jolts up, and tries to wipe the water away from his face. He does not get the chance, because I put a piece of clothing on his eyes and tie his hands.

“WHAT’S HAPPENING?? WHO ARE YOU?? LET ME GO NOW!!” He says it with fear gripping his soul.
“How does it feel being all vulnerable? We took you by surprise, just like you did to someone very dear to me” I say the words and anger sweeping across my whole being.

I throw a heavy punch towards him, making him fall to the ground.

“You do not threaten us fool! You just shut up and listen. You can’t even see your attackers, what’s daddy going to do about that? Arrest everyone in Egypt?” I remind him who is the boss
“I’ll do anything, Just let me go!” He begs this time.

Now it is Hossam’s turn to throw a punch.

“How does it feel to beg and instead of mercy you get a punch in your face?” I ask him picturing Shaimaa begging and this scumbag still carrying out the assault

“Please! I’ll give you all the money in the world just let me go” He pleads some more.
“You know what? I’m feeling quite generous today, and I feel like letting you go” I tell him simply
“You won’t regret it I promise” He gets happy with the sudden turn of events.
“But there’s just one tiny problem, I don’t know what to do with all these people waiting to give you their salams” I look over at the hordes of women coming towards Ayman

Dina gathered almost half of the girls Ayman had used and tossed aside, it is not surprising as the area Shaimaa lives in is a tight knit community. So everyone knows everyone’s business, and it was not hard for her to knock on every girl that was gossiped about and invite her to get at least some revenge on the guy responsible for their misery.
They all wanted to make sure that they will not be in trouble with Ayman’s dad, in other words they did not want to be recognized. That is when we came up with blindfolding him, he just cannot possibly accuse someone in particular for this! Genius idea from Shaimaa’s friend
He was a nervous wreck when he heard the footsteps coming closer and closer towards him!

“Ladies, he’s all yours” I say it and see all of them taking their slippers out Egyptian style and BAM

I watch slippers raining down on Ayman like hail stones, and I stand next to Hossam to admire this scene. Ayman begs and pleads, but it falls on deaf ears.
He is hurt each and every single one of these ladies, either by raping them or entering into a void marriage made of a piece of paper and cutting it when the girls became pregnant.
Every single girl ignore his pleas, the same way he ignored him. As these girls continue to vent their anger at Ayman, I see a fragile figure taking slow steps towards us.
I see Dina taking Shaimaa’s hands, bringing her closer to watch the revenge carried out for her.
She looks on, and I can tell that she is overwhelmed by all of this so I go closer to her and whisper

“Don’t worry these girls don’t know about anything. Just Hossam, but we needed him to execute our revenge”

She does not say anything for a few seconds, I guess she is taking it all in

“You guys did all of this for me?” She finally says something, her voice close to tears
“Yes, you need to close this chapter in your life Shaimaa. Yes he hurt you badly, but I hope this is enough to help you move on” I tell her these words feeling jealous that I am not able to put the ghosts of my past to rest like her
“No. This is not enough” She replies.
“What else can I do for you my love?” I ask her and “my love” coming out so sudden that I regret it immediately! She does not feel the same way as me! She sees me as a loser who wears his trousers too low (way to go idiot)
“Can I join them?” She says it, and I can see the smile in her eyes from behind her Niqab.
“All yours. LADIES MAKE ROOM FOR ONE MORE PERSON PLEASE” I yell so they can hear me.

I let her go and get her revenge. I stand next to Hossam, who looks at me and says

“I didn’t like you Osman, I have to admit. But I can clearly see that you love my cousin Shaimaa, and for that you have my trust and respect”
“Thank you” Was all I said, because I do not know what else to say It is just this kind of moments between bros are normally short innit? Actually I remembered something I wanted to ask him.
“So are you going to put Dina out of her misery and marry her?” I ask him hoping the answer is yes, just to make sure he is away well away from my wife
“Actually yes. She’s a very loyal person, even though she’s very loud” He replies laughing for the first time since I have known him.
“She’s loud, you’re too quiet. That’s like a perfect match” I tell him jokingly
“She’s a good kind girl, and that’s all that matters” He replies fondly.


Hey did anyone ermm_ hear ermm_Osman call me love?? I mean I was so busy with the sight of Ayman lying on the floor receiving his punishment, that I barely heard it
Maybe it is just a figure of speech or something! I cannot get my hopes up. I have to say that the final rock has been finally lifted from my shoulders tonight
As soon as I entered my house, I go to my room and I fall on my knees thanking Allah for tonight. Osman, Hossam and Dina had to order the girls to stop their lashings, as we did not want to KILL Ayman. Just a warning not to ever step and mess with the girls from our area.

I do not think he is ever going to bother any girl from ANY area anymore, because Osman told him that he will be keeping a close eye on him. And since he did not see any of us, he feels terrified that there is someone out there watching him
This has been the most amazing day ever, and it is all down to Allah, my friends and my husband
I was on my floor when I heard a faint knock on my door, I get up and go open the door. I see my dad waiting to talk to me!!

“Come in baba. What is the matter? Hope all is well Inshallah” I ask, checking him for any signs of discomfort.
“I’m fine Binti. I just need to talk to you, is this a good time?” He asks polietly.
“For you baba, anytime is a good time” I reply smiling.
“Shaimaa, I’m not gonna beat around the bush or go round in circles to ask you. Your uncle told me everything yesterday” He starts calmly “He told me about the will, and that you and Osman are only married because of the inheritance money. Is that true binti?” He asks in such a kind voice that is breaking my heart to pieces

All I manage is a nod.

“I don’t understand sweety, please enlighten me with reasons” His voice almost pleading
“Baba we need the money, plus it’s your right. That’s how I looked at it back then, and also something happened to me that made it impossible for me to refuse the offer” I tell him not able to look him in the eye
“That’s what I thought my daughter, can I know what happened?” He asks.
“Ayman raped me baba” I feel that my dad deserves to know the truth finally “It happened a week before my uncle visited us with the proposal and I also got fired from my job for wearing the Niqab”
“I had no other choice, I also did Istikhara and felt that this was the right thing to do at the time” I finish my confession, and I turn around to face my father only to see him in tears
“Baba please don’t cry” I go over and kiss his forehead and hands.
“How could I not cry binti? If you weren’t going to work this would never have happened to you!” He says it tearfully.
“That was Allah’s test for me baba. And if it wasn’t for that incident I would have never married Osman” I tell him.
“You would have been with a responsible man like Hossam right?” He asks calming down a bit.
“I was never going to love Hossam more than a brotherly love father. So it all worked out well in the end, plus Ayman has been taken care of tonight. He paid for what he did to me baba” I inform him happily.
“What do you mean?” He asks curiously.

I recall tonight’s events to him, I do not leave out anything. I tell him what an amazing bunch of people my friends are.
He takes a moment to think before he asks

“So Osman knew this and he never judged you? He also arranged to have Ayman beaten up with your friend Dina and Hossam?”
“Yes dad, he really felt bad for what happened to me that’s why he did what he did tonight” I reply to his answer feeling a tug on my heart as I realize that Osman will never feel anything towards me but pity
“My dear child, a man doesn’t beat someone up because he feels sorry for you! Only a man in love would beat up a guy who hurt his love” My dad says wisely.
“No way! Osman? in love with me???” I ask not wanting to believe it.
“Shaimaa, I’ve seen the way he looks at you. And that look says how much he loves you binti” Says my dad.
“But_he doesn’t pray and the way he dresses! It’s just everything I didn’t want in my future husband” I remind myself more than telling my dad.
“Leave that up to me dear. Ramadan is tomorrow Inshallah, and I’ll make sure Osman knows about his religion with Allah’s help. If I can’t fix the man my daughter has come to love, then who will?” He says it cheekily.
“Who said I love him??? I don’t! You are mistaken baba!!” I lie to him, because I feel shy
“Alright then, I’ll fix this horrid man for you. Is that better?” He asks.
“Much better!” I reply, giggling

Oh Ya Allah, help my dad guide Osman Ya Rab, Ameen

Allah (SWT) Says
“Surely you cannot guide whom you love, but Allah guides whom He pleases, and He knows best the followers of the right way.”(28.56)

Ramadan arrived the next day, and the streets filled with joy and happiness all throughout Egypt. Children carried their lanterns chanting “Ramadan is here” and adults got busy with trying to finish the Quran
Mosques filled up with repenting believers, some of who will probably will go back to their old sins once the month has finished. But some will stick to their new cleansed lives.

Osman has changed beyond believe during the month of Ramadan.
His beard grew in patches, which he was not best pleased about. His clothes have changed dramatically as well, but the most important thing that changed within him is his Iman.
He is determined to never go back to that darkness he was in before this. He vowed to Allah that he once he goes back to London, he will confess to John’s murder to the police and see where things go from there.
And his love for Shaimaa has to wait until he sees what Allah has written for him Inshallah___

Meanwhile back in London at Osman’s house.
Three figures were making themselves comfortable in Khalifa’s house.
“Only two days left until he comes back to his death” Says one of the figures.
“I don’t want you to kill him. I’m warning you guys not to kill him, you can kill her but not him” Warns one of the other voices.
“If you don’t shut her up, I’ll kill her. I want my revenge on lover boy” Says a big bold man angrily.
And they all shut up and wait for Osman’s arrival

I'd love to hear your views on this topic. Please post in the comments section below! :)