Dec 8, 2013


By Alawiya Abdalla


What started as a “I’ll show him I don’t care even though I need a phone from you” ended in me feeling sorry for poor and sick Osman
What happened to him to make him shake like that? He cannot even make a sentence without stuttering

For the time being, I gave him pain killers and he looks like he is in deep sleep. He even stopped shaking Alhamdulilah.

I wait at the sofa for 5 minutes before I make my way out of the room to check on my uncle, who has not come home yet and it is like 9 O’clock now

I hope he is not lost somewhere Ya Allah, because there is nothing I can do about that. I JUST got here, and I do not know the place!

I tip toe all the way downstairs, even though I know I should have stopped tip toeing the moment I left the room! It is a habit I used to do back in Egypt, when my brother Amr used to get sick and I did not want to wake my mum who has been slaving away cleaning at people’s houses.
Anyway, I have Osman’s cell in my hand. I search for my uncle’s number, and I cannot find it
Okay,let me think. What would it come under? Dad? Nope! Khalifa? Not that either
I go through the phone list and I see that he has A LOT of female friends

Blondie, Hot girl 1, Hot girl 2, Girl with____ASTAGHFURULLAH!! What a disgusting way and may I add degrading way of addressing women
He treats them as a piece of meat!
“How come none of them is brainy girl or girl with a big heart or an ACTUAL NAME? What’s wrong with that ha?” I say it to the phone imagining Osman’s face
Who cares anyway, I do not care. Do you? No,certainly not
One name catches my eye though (Amber) Nothing but Amber. Interesting maybe she means something to him I do not know.
And another name catches my eye too (Pain in the___ASTAGHFURULLAH) I'm guessing that’s his mum or dad? I pray to Allah it’s not Fifi

I dial the number and wait for the person on the other side to pick it up
Please do not let it be Fifi__Please do not let it be Fifi__PLEASE PLEASE PLEAAASE
“Hello?” Says a MALE voice and I immediately do a mini celebration wave for several seconds.

“Uncle? is that you?” I ask hoping it IS him.
“Shaimaa? Yes this is me. What’s wrong?” He asks curiously.
“You’re not home and I got worried, are you OK?” I ask him feeling anxiousness building up in my tummy.
“I'm fine don’t worry about me. I just had to finish a couple of things with my accountant, so we lost track of time” He explains.

“Alhamdulilah you’re fine, I got really worried that’s all. Are you on your way?” I ask him.
“Yes, I forgot where I parked my car so I asked the floor manager to give me a lift. Don’t worry dear” He assures me he’s in no danger.
“OK, Fi Aman Allah” I end the phone when he says the same.

One problem solved, one to go. I will go and pray Isha and then I will check on Osman Inshallah. Hopefully he is sound asleep
After finishing my prayer I make Duaa for my family back in Egypt, I start by Praising Allah subhaanahu wa taala and the Prophet (Peace be upon him)
“Ya Allah help me feed my family, help me find a job so I can send them money” I say the words and my heart pains me when I remember them
How are they coping without me? This is the hardest thing I have ever done in my life, but everything I do is for them. Even though that is true, it doesn't make being away from them any easier.

I just do not understand Osman’s lack of respect for his parents! He got everything on a gold plate for him, and instead of kissing their hands he treats them in a very rude and disrespectful way!
As if on cue, my uncle enters the house. I feel so happy and relived when I spot him at the doorway.

“Alhamdulilah you’re safely home uncle” I tell him cheerfully
“You are actually staying up waiting for me?” He asks surprised.
“Of course uncle, Have you eaten anything?” I ask him.
“Yes. Shaimaa, since you've arrived you've made me think about my brother a lot” He says before adding “I have to be honest with you, I have never felt guilty with the way I behaved towards him until I met you”
“You have been nothing but nice to all of us, and I felt it’s time I take action for my behaviour. The reason I was talking to my accountant today was to make a regular money transfer to your parents back in Egypt”

“I made sure he will continue to do so, even in the event of something bad happening to me. I know you’ll tell me that you’ll take care of it and that your pride won’t let you, but he’s my brother too and I wanna make up for my lack of support when he went into that accident” He finishes what he had to say and waited for my reply.

“I don’t know what to say except, Jazakallah for this. This will mean the world to them, our life is hard back in Egypt and Allah only knows how we manage to get by so Jazakallah and May Allah reward you for this” I say it choking back tears because no one has ever done anything like this to me or my family

He says goodnight and heads towards his room, and I feel like a heavy weight has been lifted from my shoulders. That does not mean I will just sit there and do nothing! I will still look for a job to send them even more money Inshallah.
The more the merrier after the chat with my uncle I feel sleepy so I decide to head to sleep
It’s been a loooong day, and I do love my sleep

The next day morning arrives with a new beginning and a new challenge
It’s 8 O’clock in the morning when someone awakes in pain

Am I on fire or something? I feel like I am on fire
I try to get up but my whole body refuses to co operate, as I feel pain in each part of my body. Am I in hell? I swear I feel heat seeping through every inch of me right up to my eyes and it’s scaring me :sad:

“Help” My voice comes out in a whisper.
No one answers, so I'm left with nothing but to wait

“Help” I try again hoping someone will come to my rescue________

It is always been a struggle for me to wake up in the morning. You see whenever I finish praying Fajr, it takes me so long to go back to sleep and then just before I manage to get that BEAUTIFUL sleepy feeling BAM it is waking up time

Today is no exception. Although, there is this weird noise coming from someone in the room
It takes me several minutes to realize that the noise is coming from Osman I quickly put on my Niqab to go and check on him.
I know you are thinking, ew did she brush her teeth? Well I did brush it when I woke up for Fajr as I always do, and I normally brush it first thing when I wake up but desperate times calls for desperate measures

“Osman, are you alright?” I ask him when I see his red eyes and red cheeks.
“Help” Was all he managed to utter.
I put a hand on his forehead, and I jump from the heat that is coming out of his head
“Ya Allah Ya Karim, you’re burning” I say it out loud to myself.

I go downstairs quickly to get some cold water in a bowl, as I rush to go upstairs I hear the doorbell ring.
I put the bowl down, and run towards the door like a maniac to open it
It is Magdalena, Oh Alhamdulilah she is here.
Before she could even say hello, I grab her and the bowl upstairs.

“Come with me I need your help” I try to justify the arm grabbing to her :dizzy:.

We go in the room, and she gets shocked from the sight of Osman’s condition. I immediately start applying compressors to his head, and I ask Magdalena to get me the Paracetamol and some water.
She goes downstairs and brings them at once. When she reappears, she sees me awkwardly lifting Osman’s head with the pillow behind so I would not have to touch his head.
She looks at me weird Oh well, she does not understand the situation! And then she says

“Shirt off”
“Pardon?” I ask her in astonishment
“He burn, take shirt off” She repeats the very inappropriate suggestion.
“Oh no I can’t” I answer sharply.
“You no husband him?” She asks, surprised at my weird wifely behaviour towards him.

“HUSBAND HIM? NO I DON’T ASTAGHFURULLAH! I no husband him thank you very much and I will NEVER husband him” I reply thinking this is a very weird sentence indeed.
“No?? You no husband him another girl will Mr Ozzy nice no?” She says it with such sincerity.
“Mr Ozzy and I agreed to not___how do I put it__erm__” I'm really struggling to find a susbstitute to the word that she means do you know what I mean
“No ding dong?” She offers an alternative word while holding a laughter.
“The word doesn't sound right! But I’ll let that go” I tell her “How do I get his clothes off?” I say it to myself.
“I DO” She offers.
“No that’s alright!” I refuse her offer after seeing her excitement
“No worry, I have boyfriend” She tells me with a big smile
“OH I KNOW!” I say it leaving the room in a hurry, and then I remember her “I DO” and go back and take her with me
I decide to go and get my uncle to do this for me. He will not question me why and there will be no mentions of ding dongs anywhere 

I decide to go and get my uncle to do this for me. He will not question me why and there will be no mentions of ding dongs anywhere!!
I see him about to walk out of the door, so I call out to him

“Uncle Khalifa, wait please I need your help” I call out to him before he leaves.
“Shaimaa, I have an appointment with the hospital. Can’t it wait” He tells me nervously.
“Osman is really sick and I need you to take his shirt off. He’s got fever and__” I look at Magdalena hoping he will understand what I mean.

He does not say anything, he rushes upstairs and I follow him with Magdalena in tow.

“Osman son, what happened?” He asks him while taking his shirt off.
Osman does not say a word, he tries to mumble something but he is too weak to speak.
“Do we need to take him to emergency or something?” I ask him getting nervous by the second
“They’ll just send you back, and tell you to wait till tomorrow to see if the temperature goes down on it’s own” He explains how London hospitals work.

“What about Fifi? When will she be back?” I ask him about “Fifi” Subhanallah I feel so weird saying her name like that!
“When she goes to Manchester, she usually stays for a week. Visiting her family and that” He says it with a hint of resentment.
“Shaimaa, today is my scan and blood test appointments and I REALLY must go now. I’ll rush back as soon as I finish I promise” He tells me quietly so Magdalena would not be able to hear.
“He’s half naked uncle!” I say feeling my cheeks getting red
“He’s your husband Binti (daughter) Just pretend you’re a nurse and he’s your patient” He says urgently

I can hear Magdalena’s choked up giggle, and I am not amused one bit!!
“Alright, I’ll look after him” I say defeated.

My uncle leans down and kisses Osman’s forehead before saying
“I promise I’ll be back as soon as I can son”
He leaves the room in a hurry and now there is nothing left BUT to nurse Osman to health
You know what my uncle IS right. What if I WAS a nurse? I have to do it right? Right then, nurse it is. I was making my way over to Osman’s, when I noticed Magdalena giggling!

“What now?” I ask her fearing what she might say.
“You nurse he patient? Oh la la” She tells me, holding her belly from laughing too much.
“What’s oh la la about it? Actually scratch that, I don’t wanna know. I've heard enough to scar me for life thank you Magdalena” I tell her shoving her through the door.
“OK, Bye bye nurse” She tells me with a wink

ANYWAYYYY, back to the job in hand! I look at Osman and I instantly feel sympathy towards him, so I start applying compressors on his forehead, and looking away at the same time.

Times like this Allah is your only saviour, so I recite some Duaas that is memorized in my brain from a very young age
لَا إِلَهَ إِلَّا أَنْتَ سُبْحَانَكَ إِنِّي كُنْتُ مِنَ الظَّالِمِينَ
“There is none worthy of worship besides You O Allah, You are pure, I have oppressed my soul”

أذهب البأس، رب الناس، اشف وأنت الشافي، لا شفاء إلا شفاؤك، شفاء لا يغادر سقمًا
O Allah, Lord and Sustainer of mankind, remove his difficulty and cure him.You are the only One who cures. There is no cure but Yours. Grant such (complete) cure that leaves no trace of illness.

I repeat it over and over again, hoping that he gets better. I repeat it throughout the day, and when the fever goes for a while I put a sheet on him. I take it off again when i feel it returning, and so on.

At first the fever kept coming every one hour and then every two hours, and then it kept getting moving further and further away__
I feel so exhausted at this point, I had one sandwich that Magdalena fixed for me and that is it, ONE sandwich because she had to leave early today.

My uncle came to check on Osman as soon as he arrived, he offered to take over from me but I can see the exhaustion in his eyes. I assured him that his fever is breaking slowly, that means he is getting better so he went to get some rest as well.

It is 9 O’clock when my own exhaustion take over me. I move to the sofa bed to get some much needed sleep, and I decide to take off my Niqab as Osman is in no position to see me.

I let my eyes close and I drift into a very heavy sleep________

Where am I? I think it as soon as I wake up. I feel so hot and thirsty all of a sudden, and I see that I'm shirtless?? What happened to me man?
I try to get up but I feel dizzy all of a sudden, so I lay back down. I look around me and I recognize my room, then I remember that I was is so much pain few hours ago.
I still feel pain and I feel a bit fuzzy but it is not as bad as this morning. I search for anyone in the room, to ask them for water.

I see ninja fast asleep, and I call out her name but she doesn’t hear me.
“Ninja__water” My voice hoarse from the illness.

When she does not hear me, I decide to try and stand up again to get myself water. I feel pain all over my body but I am really thirsty, so I try and reach out to the glass of water next to me.
I knock it and that gets ninja’s attention as she jolts awake.
“Ya Illahi, do you need anything?” She asks.
“Water” I answer her.

She goes down stairs quickly to bring me water, she raises me up holding the pillow behind me and puts the glass close to my mouth and I take sips of water.
She puts it down and lowers me again. She holds a towel in her hand bringing it over to my forehead. It feels like freezing ice and I jump.

“OUCH THAT HUR_____” I freeze when I look at her face!

For what seemed like hours, we stare at each other. Her eyes grow wide when she realizes that she is not wearing her ninja outfit.
She runs across the room and puts it on, but it’s too late now!

Now I know,
Now I know that_____

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