Dec 30, 2013

5 Motivation Boosters for Beginner Bloggers

By Amina Edota


Have you been blogging for only a few days, weeks or even months? And yet finding it difficult to get the motivation to keep blogging, despite the initial zeal that prompted you to start the blog?

Neglected blogs are not uncommon on the blogosphere today. Such types of blogs may even be more in number than the active ones. But this is not surprising at all, after experiencing firsthand the commitment required to keep a blog going.

As for the beginner, many factors, such as inexperience and fear of technology are typical reasons for abandoning a blog. But I believe motivation drives them all. If you are having trouble getting motivated, here are five simple boosters to get you on the road to keeping your blog alive, insha Allah.

1. Check your intention: Ask yourself why you started a blog. Was it simply for fun or fame, or to educate and pass across an important message? If your intention is sincere and worthwhile, then it should drive you to building your dream blog.

For example, if your aim is to share beneficial messages, you will rush daily to be of benefit to others and worry about how your absence may leave them helpless. You will not want to miss out on the ajr and dawah opportunity.

So check your intention from time to time, aligning your daily actions to your goals and intention. That could help in putting some boost back into your blogging.

2. Get a Blogging Buddy*: It is always good to get a buddy for habits that you are trying to build. A blogging buddy can check up on you at regular intervals, for example bi-weekly or monthly. This could be on the phone, Skype or even in-person.

The buddy can hold you accountable for each milestone you have to cross. You can also brainstorm through challenges, discuss strategies and new ways of doing things.

If you are both at about the same level of blogging, you can experiment with new ideas and techniques and share resources. You can also delegate certain tasks to each other. This can reduce fears for those who are afraid of trying out new things and drive up motivation.

From session to session, you can set new targets as you each work towards your goals. Remember to choose your buddy carefully, because a buddy should aid you, not drain you.

3. Love Bite-Sized work: Break huge tasks into bite size. It is very easy to get over-ambitious and try to do so much at once. This can easily cause frustration and may lead to having a lot of unfinished work.

So rather than drafting, editing and publishing a complete post in one go, why not do the drafting at one sitting. Then take a break and do the editing at a later time or another day. You can also do the writing in set time frames. For example, writing for only 15 or 30 minutes then taking a break.  That way, your mind is set to complete the task within a time frame. And it will give a boost that one step has been completed. It always brings satisfaction to see oneself move from point A to B, no matter how short the distance.

4. Take Action: Keep writing and working on your blog consistently even when you don't feel like it. Try to set a schedule for yourself and stick to it. Do not simply read or listen to new information without trying them out.

Practice, Practice and Practice some more and do not be afraid of stepping out of your comfort zone. You should never be satisfied with OK, but rather do better each time. Search for blogs you aspire to, and stay updated on their activities.

Networking can be intimidating in the virtual world but with practice it will get better. One can learn from the many experts around. So try to network with a purpose. And it is motivating to hear that they didn't simply get to where they are instantly but rather made many mistakes on the way up.

5. Reward yourself: What would you call successful blogging? I think it really depends on you as an individual - your intention and goals. Whatever it means to you, remember to pause and acknowledge the little successes that you meet along the way and reward yourself for every milestone reached. Do not overlook what seems like an everyday accomplishment.

And don't worry about digging too deep into your pockets for a reward. It could be a personal pamper session, coffee with a friend, or taking a long walk. Those good feelings will give you the extra boost you need to cross over to the next milestone.

Why not step up today and get some boost!



I'd love to know what you thought about these boosters.  Share your own tips or opinions in the comments section below :)


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