Nov 17, 2013


By Alawiya Abdalla



Sitting here and eating my mini breakfast and I have no care in the world whatsoever. I have to admit though that the constant threat of Osman walking in on me eating is spoiling my fun, just a tiny bit.

Even though I locked the room, I still do not feel entirely comfortable. A girl gotta eat right? and I cannot eat with my Niqab on, that’s just mean

I hope breakfast is not gonna be croissants everyday though! I miss Fool (Egyptian beans dish) and Taamia (Falafel) sooo much. One day I will go in the kitchen and cook it for them, I bet they will like it they just do not know it yet

As I was dreaming about Egyptian food, Osman knocks on the door.

“WAIT A MINUTE PLEASE” I tell him while trying to locate my Niqab in a hurry.
I find it and I quickly go and open the door for him.
“How come you’re back so soon?” I ask him trying NOT to sound disappointed.
“Sorry, I have to go somewhere” He tells me not looking at me and searching for his shoes.
“Are you OK? You seem a little bit jumpy” I tell him.
“No I'm not” He replies not making eye contact
“If you’re sure then OK” I give up figuring out what is wrong with him before I add “Erm Osman, have you got a laptop?”

“Yeah, do you wanna use it?” He asks.
“That would be lovely, I wanna find out where the Mosques are so I can go and visit them” I reply.
“Sure why not” He tells me before he reaches out for the door handle to make his exit.
“Osman, I just wanna thank you for today. That was very generous of you to take me to your area when you would have been asleep at that time” 
I make sure he knows how grateful I am for his help, even though he is an annoying creature and I was just telling him off a few minutes ago but I know deep down that he is lost and he needs to be told he is doing good sometimes.

He hesitates for a minute but does not turn around, before he finally says
“Your welcome”

He gives me the laptop and then he dashes out of the room as fast as he can. Subhanallah, these people really need to have at least SOME Iman in their lives.
No wonder they all look lost and not knowing where they are heading! And me being me, I know that I cannot help myself from trying to change things so May Allah give me strength for this. Ameen

I open the laptop and go to Google and type famous Mosques in London and wait for the results. What? Just because I'm from Egypt you think I do not know what Google is? 
Come on girls give me some credit
Anyway! there are A LOT of Mosques in London apparently as the results show Mashallah, but one in particular caught my eye.

The London Central Mosque & The Islamic Cultural Centre, it LOOKS fabulous and amazing in the pictures. I CANNOT wait to ask Osman to take me there :wOOt:

I was engrossed in the search when I heard a knock on the door

“Who is it?” I yell.
“It’s me. Your Uncle” Uncle Khalifa responds.

I shut the laptop immediately and I went to open the door. What does he want I wonder


I leave the house in a hurry not knowing where is my head from my toes, AND to make it worse I have diarrhoea when I get nervous I always get diarrhoea, I know too much information bro!

I just wanna clear my head somehow, and the only person I can think of is Amber. She knows Kevin and she will tell me if his threats are for real or not, I know she will tell me that I got myself in it and that Kevin does not mess about.
I just think to myself there is no harm in trying now is there? So I find myself standing at her council flat and I turn my nose up a bit because I have never been to her place before.

WOW there is a difference between where she lives and where I live! And why in the world does she have to live on the 9th floor?? The lift smells kind of funny
Finally I reach her flat and I ring the door bell. I wait for about 5 minutes before someone opens the door! A woman who looks like she is in her 40s, stands there with a cigarette in her mouth.

She says nothing to me, and she looks at me from head to toe then she suddenly winks at me
“Erm, is Amber awake?” I ask her and I get a bit anxious when she starts circling me
“Amber didn't tell me she had a fit and rich boyfriend!” She finally says something and she is making me feel uncomfortable
“Could you please wake her up?” I ask her politely hoping she would just STOP checking me out!
“Come in” She says seductively.

She ushers me to the living room and she goes to wake Amber up. I take a look at the surroundings, and I realize that I never bothered to know much about Amber. I feel kind of sad for her all of a sudden, no wonder she is hanging on to me like hanging on to dear life.

I am her only escape from this life, I know that now but I just cannot see myself spending the rest of my life with her, sad but true
As I was lost in my new found “thoughts” thanks to ninja Amber walks in blurry eyed. She looks at me with an unspoken astonishment of why I was here.

“You’re probably wondering why I'm here innit?” I state the obvious.
“Aha” She replies.
“Kevin wants me to start tonight, and I was wondering if you can tell me what am I supposed to do” I tell her about my worries.
“Ozzy, you’re not trying to back out are you? Cuz Kevin won’t leave you alone” She warns me.
“I'M NOT” I say it sharply “I'm just wondering that’s all”

“I have no clue, he doesn't tell me anything. It’ll probably involve beating someone up cuz they didn't pay the loan on time or something else I don’t know” She says casually.
“What something else??” I ask nervously
“Oh if it’s a woman they__you don’t need to know all this. You’re just watching out, don’t bother yourself too much” She tries to make me feel better about what is about to go down.

“What do they do to the women?” I push her for information.

“Ozzy, if Kevin didn't tell you then I'm not gonna! He’ll punish me if I did. You wanted thrill, you’re gonna get it. Stop acting all sissy man” She mocks me.
“I'm not being a sissy! I just wanna know what’s gonna happen that’s all” I defend myself

“Anyway, how’s your “wife” She asks.
“She’s cool, she’s actually not that bad you know. She’s safe” I reply.
“You’re not liking her are you? Cuz I won’t let that happen you know that right? You’re mine” She threatens me indirectly.

“NAH MAN! ME? AND NINJA? FOR REAL? YOU’RE MAD!” I cannot believe she would even think that

“Just saying” She relaxes.
“Look I gotta go make myself ready for tonight” I inform her eager to get away from her.
“What’s the rush?” She stands up as I make my way to the door.
“Nothing, like I said I just wanna get ready” I lie.

I was about to leave when her mum shouts
“Come back again and visit us sometimes will you?” She says with a wink

I make my way out quickly! and I realize to myself for the first time EVER the mess I am living in. The sort of people that are my “friends”.
I would have never realized all this if I did not wake up early today, and all of a sudden I wanna go back home and strangle ninja because this is all her fault. I was fine before she came, and now I am “thinking” and “analysing my friends”.

If she did this in a day what could she do to me in A YEAR? She NEEDS TO LEAVE MAN


I am sitting here asking Shaimaa how she is and how is she finding life with us so far, but all the while I want to tell her about my secret.

“Have you spoken to your family yet?” I ask her.
“No, I haven’t. I don’t wanna ask too much from you guys, I’ll call them when I have money Inshallah” She replies shyly.
“Shaimaa! You need to stop saying things like that please. We are family! I know the situation doesn't show me to be the kind of uncle who you could rely on, but you are FAMILY OK? No more nonsense talk about my money your money” I sincerely mean it.
“Jazakallah uncle, forgive me” She replies.
“I’ll get someone to buy a phone card so you can call your family tonight. Actually let me write it down in my notepad in case I forget it” I tell her not explaining why I have to write things down.

“Why do you have to write it down” She asks curiously.
“Actually, that’s what I came to talk to you about” I feel grateful that I do not have to beat around the bush to explain my situation to her.
“Is everything alright?” She asks nervously.

“Shaimaa, I think I have Alzheimers disease. I just came back from the GP this morning and he’s gonna run tests to make it official” I get everything out of my chest for the first time since I started experiencing the symptoms.
“You said it yourself uncle, they are gonna run tests. You can’t jump into conclusion just yet” She tries to reassure me.
“I have been feeling lost for a couple of days now, things just keep slipping out of my mind all of a sudden. Once, I couldn't even remember which keys open my cars. I'm pretty sure it’s that” I explain.

“Have you told your wife or Osman about this?” She asks sympathetically.
“No! And I won’t. They can’t find out, that’s why I came to you. You've seen the way my wife and Osman behave! they only care about the fact that I bring in the money. I just can not bring myself to see pity and disgust in their eyes” I tell her my fears.
“But uncle, anything could happen to you! You could forget where you are and I won’t know what to do” She says it in a panicky voice.

“I'm sure you’ll figure out a way Shaimaa, from one day I can tell that you’re a smart girl and that’s why I chose to tell YOU. Please promise me you won’t tell anyone about this” I beg her.

“But uncle___” She tries to say something but I cut her off by saying
“You can tell them if you are ABSOLUTELY stuck and you genuinely have no clue what to do. Only THEN you can tell them, how does that sound?” I make her promise me.
“I guess that would be alright!” She tells me with a heavy sigh.
“You don’t know how much this means to me. Thank you very much” I tell her.
“You’re welcome” She replies.

I stand up to leave the room, but Shaimaa stops me in my tracks by asking
“Uncle, why doesn’t anyone pray in this house?”
“Shaimaa, that is something I don’t even know the answer to. It’s too late for all of us, might as well live the way we are living now” I answer her question with a heavy heart as religion has not been discussed in our house in a looong time.
“It is never too late to ask Allah’s forgiveness uncle, you just have to have the intention and the rest will follow Inshallah” She reassures me.

I leave the room feeling heavy and confused. No one has ever questioned me about praying except my mum (May Allah rest her soul).
She was always pushing us to pray, but her requests fell on deaf ears. I just feel like it is too late to do that, my sins are toooooo much and I realize that I am gonna end up in hell anyway.

What is the point


I left Amber’s house and I kept wandering the streets to kill time. I was just walking aimlessly at Oxford Street, because I did not wanna go back home facing ninja and her holier than thou stuff.

And that is when I got a text from Kevin that said -
Be ready in an hour time. You will meet with John at Watford station. He’ll recognize you.

So I am here. Waiting for “John” if that is his real name even! I look around to see if I can spot the guy, and that is when I see a car with black windows pulling up next to me.
The window goes down and I see a HUGE white guy ushering me to get in with a nod. I go in nervously not knowing how the HELL DID I GET MYSELF INTO THIS

“So where are we going bruv?” I ask trying to clear up the tension
“ I'm not your bruv and No questions” Was all he said in a rough voice.

I say nothing and just wait for any signs to check where we are. We drove in silence for an hour, and I figured out from the road signs that we were heading to Leytonstone.

We pull up outside a semi detached house and we wait. I have no clue and I am too scared to ask anything, but we are STILL waiting___
A car pulls up, and a man, a woman and a boy come out heading towards the house. The man spots us and his eyes grows wide.
He says something to the woman and she takes the boy inside, before he comes towards us.

John comes out of the car and immediately pulls him in the car! He does not tell me anything so I just sit there SCARED and shocked.
We drive to a secluded area which has a park. He pulls the man in question out of the car and orders me to look out.
I do as I am told because what other choices do I have really
“Did you think we were not gonna find you” He hisses at the man punching his face hard
”Did you think you can borrow money from the boss and run off?”
“Please don’t kill me! I was gonna tell you about the change of address but I just got busy with the move” The poor man tries to explain.

“SAVE YOUR BREATH!” John orders the man.

“Here’s what’s gonna happen. We’re gonna give you another chance to keep up with the repayment, but we have to leave you with a little reminder so you won’t act clever again” He tells him smiling in a scary way.

“PLEASE DON’T____” And before he could finish his sentence I hear a loud CRACK followed with a piercing scream.
I turn around and I witness the poor man holding his left leg, which looks like it’s dislocated and I feel physically sick
“Ta, see you soon mate. Make sure you have the payments by next week Thursday” He tells him laughing as he makes his way to the car.

“GET IN” He orders me after seeing my shocked face and my stillness.


Meanwhile in a club not faraway______
“Why did you give Ozzy that job?” Amber asks Kevin.
“Cuz lover boy is loaded, and we need him to be involved with us as much as he can. The more involved he is, the harder it will be for him to escape” He explains with a wicked smile.
“Why couldn’t you just let him do drugs” She asks.
“He would have seen drugs as a thrill. I wanna make him terrified, so he will NEVER try and leave us” He answers.

And with that answer, Amber and Kevin smile at each other as their plan come alive________

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salam alykum sis alawiya great job! i really love reading all ur short stories! mashaAllah n all d best

I wait for Sunday night for this. really. you are blessed ukhti. Mashallah

Now i want Osman to be saved from this and shima is perfect, inshaa`alaah she will rescue this poor family.

Asalamualykum warahmatullah waiting for chapter 16 what happened?

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