Nov 10, 2013


By Alawiya Abdalla



I have to admit that this was kind of a COOL day man!! Who knew ninja could be this entertaining. I was soooo scared, do not get me wrong, but the fact that ninja was so brave and saved us all totally made up for the scared part.

I am seeing her in a whole new light now. She is actually quite brave and kind to do that, she could have just stayed where she was quietly and save her own life but she did not.

She chose to do something about it, and I feel jealous and proud of her at the same time. I keep going back and think about how close we became to death, and it makes me shudder with fear.

I go back and see the manic look on the thug’s face, he could have finished us all. He is probably being taken away by the police____

THE POLICE!!!! OH MY GOD WHAT HAVE WE DONE!!! We did not stay to give our statement! Oh S***t that is not good!!

They could so twist it and make it look like we were terrorists or something!! And with ninja wearing what she is wearing, WE ARE SCREWED!!

I realized this when we were outside our house, I parked the car and I turned around to speak with ninja before we enter the house.

“Ninja wait, there’s something we forgot to do” I start.
“What did we forget to do?” She asks me.
“We forgot to stay and give the police our statements. I totally forgot with you running around yelling I DID IT and all” I explain the situation we are in.
“And that’s a bad thing becauuuuse___” She tries to figure out the horribleness that I am trying to tell her.
“Because you’re wearing ninja clothes__” I tell her before she cuts me off by saying
“Whatever! Anyway you look like that and we leave the scene BY RUNNING outside the bank. They’re sooo gonna make it look bad” I try and let her see my point
“Who are they? The MAFIA?” She asks confused WITH her eyes wide open.
“MAFIA? We’re in England not Italy! No, the police, duhh!” I tell her trying to hold a laughter at the Mafia comment.
“Oh I knew that! Just wanted to make a light of the situation that’s all” She says trying to cover up her mix up but SHE TOTALLY THOUGHT THE MAFIA WERE AFTER US HAHAHAHAHA AND______

Oh ok back to the point!!

“Look ninja this looks bad I'm telling you. Here in Britain they LOVE to make Muslims look bad, they’ll twist everything to make it look like we were robbing the bank. AND OMG YOU WERE HITTING THE GUY WITH SLIPPERS!” I say in horror.
“Surely that’s not a bad thing!” she says it so lightly.
“You don’t understand a thing do you?? if they made it out that we were involved in this we could be arrested and maybe even made out to be terrorists and maybe even be sent to Guantanamo!” I realize the severity of the situation as the words come tumbling out of my mouth.

“Someone has a very productive imagination I see” She says with a hint of sarcasm.

“I'm a man. I can survive Guantanamo and English prison. I'm worried about YOU!” I really try to let her see my point of view and TOTALLY forget that I said that I am worried about her!! What is that about??
“You’re worried about me?” She asks in a surprised tone to her voice.
“You know, you’re my cousin and we’re supposed to stay married a whole year to get the money and all that” I quickly fix the mix up, WORRIED ABOUT YOU?? SINCE WHEN DO I WORRY ABOUT PEOPLE??

“Oh! Listen don’t worry. Subhanallah you’re making a whole big deal outta nothing” She tells me in her American accent which is kinda cute.

OH FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!!! HERE COMES THE CUTE COMMENT...AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think I need to see Amber man.

“Are you okay, you've gone all quiet all of a sudden and we’re still standing here outside with your neighbour watching us. Let’s go inside” She suggests.
“Oh right! Let’s” I agree.

We go inside and I was thinking of going straight upstairs so we will not have to run into my mum again. I am so not in the mood for her right now!

I look at my watch and I see that it is 11 o’clock? WOW that is early! Oh man! What do I do now?? I guess I cannot do nothing but to try and go back to sleep.

“Hey maybe you can tell me about the slippers story again” I say it but get no response from ninja so I turn around and I see that she is heading towards the kitchen!!


Osman is totally acting all weird! I do not know what is that all about. We enter the house and I immediately notice someone in the kitchen, and she does not look like she is family.

She is white skinned and she is preparing something, I stand and look closer and I see that she is preparing breakfast!


“I think I’ll go and help her with that” I say as I make my way over to her.
“Where do you think you’re going?” Asks Osman.
“To the kitchen to help that poor girl in there, she looks like she needs help” I reply.
“She’s our cleaner, she’s PAID to do this. Plus she’s Polish and she doesn't speak much English” He explains.
“So? Is a cleaner dirt or something? Someone with no feelings? I’ll go and help her and that’s that” I tell him and remembering my mum back in Egypt who IS a cleaner herself.
“Fine, I’ll sit and watch till my mum comes down and rips your head off” He says sitting down amused and dashing a wide smile.
“I'm not scared of her!” I insist but secretly scared at the ripping of the head thing :S

I make my way to the kitchen and as the cleaner turns around, she stops in her tracks and watches me in horror. Oh here we go again!!

“Do you need any help with those trays?” I ask politely.
She just shakes her head to say No, still startled by my presence.
“Here let me carry that” I offer to carry the plate full of croissants to the dinning room before she could protest.
She just watches me in astonishment, and I see Osman sitting in on the sofa still smiling before he says

“3 2 1″

“WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU’RE DOING??” Shouts Fifi from the top of the stairs.
“I was helping set the breakfast” I tell her defiantly.
“Look here you. You might have a mother who is a cleaner, and you might have served with her when you were young but in my house we DON’T communicate with CLEANERS. Do I make myself clear?” She asks venomously.
“I'm sorry but I'm not heartless and I don’t look down on people, so I’ll do what I want whether my mum is a cleaner or not” I reply while shaking from anger at the obvious insult she is passing to me about my mum.
“Ozzy, tell this person to put the tray down right now” She turns to Osman.

“Mum!” Was all he managed to say.
“There’s no need to put him in the middle of this, I’ll put the tray and go upstairs” I walk over to the table and put the tray down and walk past her to go upstairs in protest.

All three of them just stand there not knowing what to say as I walk off. I do not care what they think, if it is something right I will stand up for it.

So what if I wanna help someone? does it matter what they do for a living?
GREAT, now I am starving in the room all alone!!
I hear my stomach making unpleasant sounds, Alhamdulilah no one is here to hear it.

Few minutes later
“You didn't tell me your mum was a cleaner?” Says Osman hiding something behind his back.
“So? at least she’s working unlike SOME people!” I answer in a manner that I am not used to but finding it impossible to behave otherwise.

“Hey, I'm not looking down on her or anything__ relax. Just didn't know it that’s all, and what is wrong with people who don’t work? Some people are lucky they don’t have to work and I'm one of them Thank god for my dad” He tells me proudly while putting one leg over the other on the bed.

“Aren't you a little bit curious about what real life is about? Not everyone have to depend on daddy to provide for them. Is it easy? No. Is it rewarding? Yes, it is. Have you ever wondered what working hands might feel like? Do you not have a purpose in life besides going out and coming at dawn to sleep and wake up the next day doing EXACTLY the same thing?” I keep firing questions at him without stopping.

“Whoa Whoa, too MUCH questions there!” He tries to make a joke out of the situation but I have clearly touched on something as he looks a bit uncomfortable.

“I'm not trying to lecture you here, but you really need to find a purpose in life and work towards it. You’re not getting any younger I'm afraid” I remind him.
“I'm only 19!!” He says jumping at the mention of his age.
“And I'm 18! But do I sit and think Oh boy I have PLENTY of time to be stupid and reckless. Oh boy I'm SURE I'm gonna be alive tomorrow so hey let me party some more WOOHOO” I surprise myself with the woohoo comment, I NEVER said that word out loud before and I rarely lose my temper.

It is him with his annoying attitude and his___ I do not know. He is JUST COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY___I DON’T KNOW

“Here, I got you croissants cuz I thought you might be hungry after all the superhero stuff you just did this morning” He changes the subject by smiling to avoid answering my questions.

“Jazakallah” I take the croissants  shamelessly from his hand after cursing at him in my head just a minute ago__talk about having pride! Oh well I do not even care about anything right now except eating because I am STARVING.
I look at Osman to see if he is gonna move so I can take off my niqab and start eating. Nope, he is decided to sit on the bed.

“Would you mind if I eat?” I ask him trying to make him see the situation.
“Sure go ahead” He answers while checking his mobile.

I start coughing to make my point clear that I DON’T want him here when I start eating HELLO!
“Oh! Say no more I'm out” He finally gets it.
I take my Niqab off as soon as he leaves the room, and I lock the door behind him just to make sure.

Did I say how much I'm STARVING?


I just got kicked out of my room, well not really but ninja wanted to eat. Hmmmphh nothing to do except go downstairs, GREAT now I HAVE to face mum.

Where is my dad man? where is he when I need him?
Didn't have to wait to find out as he gets out his room.
“Osman? You’re up? How come?” He asks surprised at my presence at this hour.
“Ninja wanted to go out and have a tour of the area, so she poked me___ I mean woke me up to take her” I explained “Wait! How come you’re here and not at work??”
“I should be asking you this not YOU!” He reminds me.

“Oh for god sake first ninja now you? What’s this all about ey?” I wonder if they are ganging up on me on purpose.
“Shaimaa said the same thing to you?” He asks with his eyes wide open.
“YES. Just a minute ago, she was like Blah blah blah work and blah blah blah life” I tell him making gestures with my hand as I said the blah blah blah part.
“Wallah that girl grows up in my estimation day after day” He says fondly.
“Of course, pick the stranger and not your own flesh and blood” I tell him feeling jealous at his comment.
“If you cared you would have helped me long time ago” He replies with an accusing tone.
“That’s it, you’re always telling me how horrible and a disappointment I am to you so why not act like it innit?” I tell him and getting angry as always.
“You know Osman, one of these days I won’t be here and you’ll regret talking to me like that” He says it in a low and chilling voice that makes no sense to me.

“What are you talking about now?” I ask him confused.

“NOTHING. JUST GET OUT OF MY FACE” He shouts all of a sudden.
“FINE!!” I tell him storming downstairs.

What is wrong with everyone today??? Get a job__have a life__I DO HAVE A LIFE AND I LIKE IT THAT WAY!!! Me and my dad have not brought up this subject for a long time.
It is all ninja’s fault, if she had not brought this subject up I would not have had to recall it to my dad and then fight. And what is that about with all the when I will not be here and stuff?

Arrghhhh I hate ninja_________
As I was hating ninja in my head, I get a text from Kevin that simply says
Get yourself ready for tonight

My hands starts sweating all of a sudden, this is it. The moment I was dreading and to be honest I thought it was gonna take longer than that. But it’s here! Maybe I could back out. No, he’ll get me and my family!!


I have made up my mind. I am gonna tell Shaimaa about my situation, I know it looks like a hasty decision but when Osman told me that she had a talk with him about his life I just knew.

I have brought up my son’s lack of enthusiasm about work long time ago, but to no avail. I asked Fifi to have a word with him but she always insisted that he needs to have fun, so I was proud of Shaimaa because she opened this subject and she’s only been here for a day!

Now that is what I call determination, she is got to be the only one who will understand. Plus my brother is in a wheelchair, so she will not be shocked or scared about my situation.
And if she proves to me that she is trustworthy, I will___No I think it is too early to be thinking like that.
But if the tests come back positive, I have no other option but to think about what happens next.

My heart feels so heavy thinking about these stuff, and what my wife and Osman will think and do when my plans are revealed.

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Asalamualaykum I really like your writings mashallah.Will it be possible for twice week?

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