Nov 1, 2013

Give Yourself a Second Chance

By Mabrouka Al-Tajoury


As long as you breathe there is always a second chance.

The chance to change for the better, to begin a new chapter, to forgive, to refresh your soul, and to clean immorality IS possible and can be done. Believe in yourself for you can be so much!

Do not be depressed from the past but accept it for what it WAS; do not let the past destroy your future. Instead of carrying the negativity further on to your future, move on by accepting the past; learning from it and advising those who are in the same place that you were in. Instead of carrying on the negativity, carry on its lessons.

Forgive yourself and if people did not forgive you, then be content because as long as YOU know you asked to be forgiven, as long as you changed for the better then that is what TRULY matters. Time will show them truth and if they did not see the true change in you, it is okay, because as long as you are working to improve yourself and your surroundings then that is what's ethically important. In reality, sometimes no matter what you do for some people they will always feel it's not enough.

Do not wait for change to come to you. Let the sun shine through your life. Get up, move to turn on the lights or open the curtains. Let light in.  See, if those people in WORSE situations than yourself have done it then you can too. We are all human - nobody is perfect, nobody. So, mistakes, sins, and faults are normal.

The sun will always come after darkness and beautifully shine, so believe that with every sunrise comes a second chance. There's always some reason to not feel good enough, but have faith that through 'righteousness' you will feel your peace. Give yourself a second chance and allow yourself to take a step forward. HENCE humanity will then also take a step forward because what we do will affect our surroundings.

Wishing us all the motivation to stay positive!


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