Nov 6, 2013

DIY (Do-it-Yourself) Projects

By Farheen Naaz


Quite often we come across a pretty thing or two, but the price of it does not seem worth the product. For people who love to take up projects on their own, do something personalized for their friends or family, DIY Projects are the best bet. These are also a great way of utilizing your time or diverting your mind from the various nitty-gritties of life.

DIYs are also beneficial in many ways:
  • Gives you an opportunity to use your brain and unleash your creativity. Yes, we all have that creative streak which just needs to be discovered. 
  • Gives you an opportunity to bond with family members if taken up as a project, especially works wonders with kids.
  • Develops a sense of appreciation for craftsmanship
  • An easy way to take your mind off life’s problems.
  • Enables you to not rely on expensive decorative stuff which captures your heart.
  • Lets you have some personal time for yourself.
Here we shall look at 3 easy DIY Projects which can be easily accomplished with readily available stuff.

1. Personalized dinnerware

Your family and friends would love to have a set of personalized dinnerware on which you’ve written something by yourself. The easiest way to get it done without spending hundreds is to make them at home!

Things needed:
  • Dinnerware (white is the best) – you can get these at any local crockery shop. Get mugs or plates or saucers whatever suits you best.
  • Sharpies – these are permanent markers which come in different colours; also known as CD markers.
  • Wipe the dinnerware clean with a damp cloth
  • Select the text you want to write and write it on the plate/mug/saucer
  • Bake in an oven for 30 minutes at 350○ Fahrenheit.
Your personalized dinnerware is ready! The baking is done so that the text does not get wiped off when you wash it.

This is a great gift idea for anyone who appreciates the written word :)

2. Design a chair

Some people love decorating their home with different kinds of things, this is a great idea for such. All we need is a chair and some paint!

Things needed:

  • An old chair (wooden one) – you can get one from a garage sale
  • Spray paint can – white or any other colour of your choice
  • Lace with an elaborate design
  • Clean the chair (if it was a really an old one then sand it using sand paper to make the surface even)
  • Keep the lace with the design at the place you want it on the chair
  • Spray paint it and leave it to dry
  • Remove the lace after some time and give final touches with a paint brush, if needed
Your designer chair is ready! :D

3. Buttoned up!

Have lots of buttons at home and do not know what to do with them?

Create a pattern out of it and frame it!

Things needed:
  • Buttons – all sizes
  • Glue
  • Canvas or wood plank
  • Draw the outline of the pattern you want to create
  • Arrange the buttons along the pattern
  • Once you are satisfied with the end result, glue the buttons to the canvas/wood plank
Your very own work of art is ready! :D Frame it or put it up on a wall just like that.

Want to maximise your efforts?
  • Start a project with bismillah
  • Have a clear outline of what you want the end result to be
  • Put down the details which are needed to be taken care of
  • Systematize your work by dividing the entire project into mini-tasks
  • Set a time limit for yourself
  • Do dhikr while working on the project
  • Give yourself a treat after accomplishing it
Have you ever taken up a DIY project? Will you try the ones mentioned? Do let us know if you have come across a great idea which can be taken up as a project – either successful ones or failed attempts, or even just thoughts about the whole DIY concept. Use the comments section below :)


jazak Allahu khairan :)

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