Oct 13, 2013


By Alawiya Abdalla

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I feel soo relieved that my plan has worked! on the way over here I started asking my uncle questions about Osman. I was asking him about his likes and dislikes, but I was more interested about the DISLIKES if you know what I mean.

My uncle mentioned that Osman is very rude when it comes to any skin related illnesses, so I instantly thought up something about that.

I could not really think of any names for any conditions, but I figured since he is so vain he would not dig up on my diagnosis! And the reason I say vain, it is because well……THE GUY IS THE WORD VAIN ITSELF.
He looks vain, he talks in a vain manner and he reeks vanity. Just looking at him and his wavy dark hair, his carefully selected designer clothes, WHICH I know because we had a very expensive store in Egypt that sells shirts that would cost a whole year’s wage.
So I know a thing or two about designer clothes, I look at his features and I see a handsome but very shallow guy. If I was not into religion and Allah fearing men, I was probably gonna fall for this person.

What kills it though, is the way he looks at you from head to toe which would put off any sane girl straight away, the guy is so bait!! Whatever happened to subtle looking forget about lowering the gaze with this human being!
I had to lie even though I hate lying, and all I could have done is tell him to back off. But we are sharing a room together, and this way it will be safer for me knowing that he finds me repulsive as memories of that night keeps haunting me till this day.

I did that to protect myself from him, I know I can get through this ordeal safely. Now all is left for me is to figure out HOW IN THE WORLD AM I GONNA survive sleeping in my Niqab for a WHOLE YEAR!
And then an idea popped in my head like a switch, all I have to do is sleep with the covers on top of me. Seriously I see alot of my friends sleeping that way, and I used to make fun of them.
However, the very same thing that used to make me laugh is the same thing that will solve my sleeping problem. Mr I am so vain will not even bother check on me, because he is so into himself and disgusted by me.

“PERFECT” I say that to myself with a big grin.


I cannot believe that I am gonna do this after waiting soo long to be trusted by Kevin. Kevin is a drug dealer, a hit-man and a loan shark all rolled in one.
I was introduced to him by Amber, apparently they were more than just friends back in their high school days. But now they are just friends.
I always used to buy my weed from him, but never thought that he knew Amber and it was just pure accident that I found out that they are friends.

Anyhow, since I found out Amber knew Kevin form way before, I was trying to make her talk to him to convince him to make me a dealer.
This was gonna be my new thing to do because I was bored, I thought of this to keep me busy before “project ninja” came along.
I was actually kind of relieved when Kevin said that he will think about my request. I thought to myself that he will not actually AGREE to it, as he does not really know me that well.

But now I am actually about to do the biggest thing I have ever done in my entire life! Smoking weed is something but to be a drug dealer is something else entirely!!
I do not know why I am feeling a mixture of anxiety and excitement about this? I think the fact that you cannot mess around with Kevin is what is scaring me the most. Once you are in it, you cannot POSSIBLY get out of it.

Well, all these feelings of anxiety have to buried because I am here now, and I am ready for it.


“Seriously Fifi, you’re making a big deal out of nothing” I try to calm her down.
“So? She’s entitled to what she wants to wear! Why does it bother you so much?” I ask this question to reason with her.
“I agreed to this marriage unwillingly so my son can stay with us here. But that clothing is something else Khalifa! What are we gonna tell people? What will they say? OZZY my only son who can get the prettiest and the wealthiest girls in the world marries THAT?” She rambles on to make her point about hating Shaimaa loud and clear.

“Enough Maafayle! What’s done is done for Godsake! And keep your voice down. She might hear you! She’s still our guest and my son’s wife” I say it with such anger that I have never experienced before, and almost believing that Shaimaa is my son’s wife for real!

“Maafayle??? She put a spell on you too?? THAT’S IT YOU GUYS ARE FINISHED” She tells me feeling startled at the mention of her name.
“Fifi I'm not asking you to treat her well. I'm TELLING you” I warn her.
“I don’t know what’s gotten into you and your son lately?? No one cares what I think anymore” She says it to me in a sad tone to try and make me side with her.
“ I'm going to sleep, because I can’t be bothered with your drama anymore. And I suggest you do the same” I end the conversation.

As I turn around to go upstairs to my room, I see Osman running to go out in a hurry. I feel FURIOUS that he made Fifi see this, as the first thing that comes out of her mouth upon seeing this is

“I guess you didn't realize she was that hideous underneath that thing she was wearing ha?”
“Errm actually, I'm going out to get some stuff so me and her can party if you know what I mean” He replies with a wink.
“Uff! Disgusting! She’s making you buy these stuff isn't she? Little miss innocent” She argues and still not accepting the situation.
“I gotta do what the Mrs asks me to do ma. Seriously I gotta run. BYE” He dashes outside before I get the chance to speak to him and tell him off about this!

Before I go back upstairs, I see my wife huffing and puffing to herself and I wonder to myself if this whole thing is gonna work with her being against Shaimaa like this! And I think about telling her the truth for a minute before changing my mind again. She must never know about my inability to generate income anymore!

I will never hear the end of it, and she will start looking down on me and WORSE. She might leave me and take my son with her.
As much as they give me grief, I cannot imagine my life without them so I am just gonna have to keep my mouth shut and let this plan run it is course.


It is bright and COLD when I woke up on my first day in England. I slept like someone who has been doing cartwheels all night!! I was that tired Wallah.
I take a peek from behind the covers to check that Osman is no where to be seen, and I see him sleeping in the sofa bed. I get out of bed and tip toe to the en-suite bathroom, and I immediately shut the door.

I take a shower as quickly and quietly as I could to avoid waking Mr Vain. I finish the shower, quickly scan the room to see if he woke up.
I run back inside the room and dry myself and put on my Niqab as quickly as I can. Boy this feels like a mission! But I keep reminding myself that it is necessary.
After I finish mission get dressed as fast as I can, I sit on the bed scared to death to go downstairs in case I run into Fifi.

What is with the name??

I decide that I WILL go downstairs to grab something to eat and get out of the house to explore London. I do not know how, but I will figure it out somehow Inshallah.
I go downstairs to see what is waiting for me, and I thank Allah that there is no one at this time. It is 6 o’clock in the morning by the way, and I take my compass out to check where the Qibla is so I can pray Fajr.

I pray Fajr in their large living room, and when I finish I take a look around the room and I can see how rich this people really are!
The sofas are fantastically beige and comfortable, although not very child friendly! And when I raise my head I see a HUGE chandelier above me.
These people really spent time and effort to decorate their home Mashallah. After going around to check the house, I enter the kitchen to fix myself breakfast, and BOY is the kitchen huge?

Anyway’s I look for something to eat, and I only find “special K” cereal and I wonder to myself how “special” this cereal really is!
I start eating it and I quickly realize that it is in fact NOT special! It is really tasteless. I check the back of the cereal and I read that it is for DIET!!!
I DO NOT DO DIET!!! But I have no choice in that matter as there is nothing in the cupboards. I finish eating my breakfast and I put on my shoes to explore the area.
I open the door, and before I could step outside I hear a voice saying

“Where do you think you’re going?”

I turn around and see Fifi looking at me up and down in a disgusted manner, and I close the door and look directly into her eyes to show her that I am not intimidated even though I am a little bit TERRIFIED of her :S

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uhhhhhh....it ended too soon. but i really have been looking forward to your entries. Seriously engaginggg. keep it going:)

it's too short, the suspense is killing. I really look forward to your stories, ma shaa Allaah! as usual :)

mashallah very nice.too long to wait.

Engaging but frustrating. I want the dad to be a man and look after his flock!

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