Oct 28, 2013

POEM: The Lord Writes Masterpieces

By Anum Ali


A hundred pages lay scattered, 

Thousands of dreams dreamed, 

The Qadar of Allah overrules, 

What is not right, but so it seemed. 


A hundred questions the heart asks, 


Outraged assumptions, the mind conceives. 

He knows what lays best in His Master plan, 

He knows what each soul receives. 

Man may conquer oceans deep, 

Through vast skies he may ride up high. 

His next aim may shoot for stars, 

Yet, with Allah’s Will, he cannot why. 

The script may defy all logic sane, 

The mind may not rightly perceive, 

The Lord writes masterpieces, 

Only if the reader believes. 

His are the scripts of glory, 

Of men who conquered and ruled well, 

His are the scripts of fury, 

Of the blasphemous, who shamefully fell. 

He writes trials and tribulations, 

For His servants who deserve a test, 

A challenging script, heightens faith, 

Separates the loyal from the rest. 

His scripts are riddles, His twists unknown, 

His ways merciful, His graciousness well-known. 

I may tread on thorny paths, 

Fight battles I know not why, 

I know my script is a masterpiece, 

For it’s by Allah, the Most High.

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love this masha'Allah!!!

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