Oct 11, 2013


By Anum Ali


Created for a purpose, forgotten what it was, 

Blinded by desires, 

Living an outrageous fraud. 

Man continues to exist, stubbornly, outrageously so, 

Disconnected from the Creator, 

Unbothered by tomorrow. 

It does not come light, the exegesis, 

Of Heaven and Hell in the Qur’an, 

It is no simple ordeal, to put up a fight with Shaytan. 

Coupled with worldly glitz and glamor, 

He appeals to Man with antics fun, 

The fall of Man are prayers unsaid, 

The doom of Man are deeds undone. 

“It is not our fight!” Proclaim some men, 

“We shall live to tell the day off.” 

Each deed shall speak for him, 

And Man will pay each cost. 

The cost of compromising, 

What was obligated. 

The penalty for denouncing, 

The purpose for which Man was created.

I'd love to hear your views on this poem. Please tell me in the comments section below :)



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