Oct 6, 2013


By Alawiya Abdalla



The journey from Cairo to London has been interesting indeed. First of all I have never flown in a plane before, and it was SCARY taking off.

I felt like I was dying! And what is with the ear popping thing? As you can tell I have never been on a plane before, but once I settled in and relaxed, I looked out to see the clouds which was really weird.

I guess the term walking on cloud nine applies here? it was so surreal and I kept saying Subhanallah because I can see one of Allah’s creations up close for the first time in my life. All the time I keep raising my hands when I make Duaa, and now I am flying in the sky. Subhanallah, looking down and seeing the houses and everything so tiny from above was so bizarre too.

I saw the whole of Egypt right in front of my eyes, and in that moment I wondered if I could see our house from up here. I kept looking intently from behind my Niqab to try and find it, but I failed. And in that moment I realized the enormity of what’s waiting for me, I realized that I will not be seeing my family for a long time. I realized that I am going to live with complete strangers, that I do not even like. Tears started pouring down my cheek thick and fast. Tears of fear and anxiety. How am I gonna deal with this Ya Rabbi?

I put my head to rest, and I tried sleeping but I could not.  So for the rest of the journey my eyes didn't leave the clouds, and as the pilot announced that we were flying over England, I looked out and I could immediately see the difference between England and Egypt.

Why do all the houses look the same? But I have to admit that it looks beautiful. It is allot greener than Egypt, and it looks clean too! Even from here! So my anxiety turned into excitement, and I smiled for the first time in ages. I couldn't wait to get out of the plane, to explore London.

As I went through immigration and they checked my Visa and residence for the millionth time, I was allowed to pass and they stamped ENTRY on my passport. I spotted my uncle Khalifa after I collected my luggage’s, and there was no sign of “my husband” not that I cared about that or anything, as I was too busy exploring the city on the way to my uncle’s house in chauffeur driven car.

“I'm sorry Shaimaa, Osman wasn't feeling well to come and meet you personally”, said my uncle apologetically.

“That’s alright uncle, I know he can’t stand me”, I tell him jokingly.
“No walah, he’s not that bad. He IS obnoxious but he’s kind and he means well, even though he doesn't show it”, replies my uncle in a defensive way even though his voice doesn't sound like it.

“Of course. So I was thinking that as soon as I settle in I can start looking for a job, what do you think uncle?”, I ask him brightly as I don’t really care WHAT Osman does, because I'm not here for him.
“Job? Why do you need to work?”, he asks me puzzled.
“To support my family. I agreed to this whole thing, because England would have better jobs and pay than Egypt”, I explain my reasons to him.
“Mashallah, you’re such a good girl. But you wearing a Niqab might make it tricky to find a job, you know how western people are like”, he reminds me of the attitude towards Islamic garments.

“Is it that bad?”, I ask scared of the answer.
“I'm afraid it is dear”, he replies with a sympathetic look in his eyes.
“Ok”, was all I could say.
“Hey don’t you worry about your family. I’ll send them money every month”, he offers.
“NO! I mean that’s very generous of you uncle, but I can do this Inshallah. I have got Allah, and I’ll ask guidance and help from him Inshallah”, I smile weakly at the prospect of not finding a job here.
“Please let me help. I'm your uncle, I know I haven’t helped before but I mean it when I say I want to now”, he says eagerly.
“Ok, I will ask for help if there’s no job whatsoever for me I promise”, I tell him to ease his guilt.

“That’s great. Now, we haven’t told my wife that you’re coming today. She just….I don’t know how to put it”, he stammers and struggling to find words to describe her.
“It’s alright, you can say she hates me too” I tell him in a joking manner to ease MY fear.
“That’s one way to put! but don’t worry as long as I am here, she won’t be THAT bad I promise”, he says seriously.

I did not have to actually wait that long to find out how she is like, because she was RIGHT there when I arrived at home. Osman was going on about going to HIS ROOM, which I do not know why but it freaked me out even though I knew we had to share a room! I do not know, maybe the mix of his mother’s stare at me and the idea of sleeping with my Niqab on made my brain stop working.

Now is the time to use that plan I have worked out to keep Osman as far as possible and away from me. I just pray to Allah that it works!!


“Welcome to OUR room sexy”, I say in a husky voice to freak out Shaimaa *laughing in my head*
“OZZY! stop that right now. I'm warning you to leave Shaimaa alone!” My dad tells me sternly.
“Jeeez RELAX Khalifa! I'm only playing!” I answer him while winking at Shaimaa and mutter the words “I'm not playing” to her and relishing the fact that her eyes has gone wide from shock! This game is gonna be interesting wallahi.
“Look guys, I need to go downstairs to talk to my wife about this. Ozzy do you promise you will look after your cousin?”, my dad asks me in a serious tone.
“Hell yeah! I will”, I reply with a smirk.

My dad does not have time to scold me, as we can all hear my mum shouting for him to come downstairs. He closes the door behind him, and I jump on my bed and look at Shaimaa up and down to have a guess at what body shape she is.

Bl***** hell I can’t figure it out as she is wearing A TENT, NO BODY SHAPE OR ANYTHING. Just a TENT, and she is still wearing that ninja thing on her face.
But I decide to tease her anyway, as her reactions are very amusing. I am only teasing though, I would never force myself on a girl but this freshie is FUNNY ALREADY!!

“So. You want me to give you a massage after that long flight from Egypt”, I ask her pointing towards my bed.

“I'm sorry my doctor said I shouldn't because it might make my skin infected”, she replies.
“What??? Why is that?”, I ask her not liking the sound of that.
“My uncle hasn't told you?” She asks coming closer to me in a scary way, GOD she looks scary in that ninja outfit!
“Told me what????” I ask feeling a TIIINY bit anxious.
“My skin is covered in blotches of blood all the time. I had it since I was a child and the doctors can’t figure out what causes it and that’s why I agreed to come here, it’s slowly coming towards me face pretty soon” She says looking straight into my eyes.

“Really?” I ask gulping LOTS of saliva from imagining how her skin must look like.
“Yes. Do you wanna see?” She asks as she starts to try and take off her ninja outfit.
“NO!!! DON’T! I believe you!” I yell and she stops what she was about to do PHEW! Never in my life have I stopped a girl from undressing.
“Are you sure? BECAUSE I DON’T MIND SHOWING YA”, she starts to take off her clothes again.
“NO WOMAN! I told you it really IS fine! Is it infectious?”, I ask dreading the answer.

“Yep”, she simply replies as if she has been asked this question millions of times.
“Then you can take my bed and I’ll sleep on the sofa bed over there” I offer her the bed.
“Ok, but I have to keep my face covered because I feel embarrassed about my condition”, she informs me in an innocent voice.
“YOU SHOULD! I mean aww don’t be but keep your face hidden if it makes you feel any better”, I tell her feeling relieved that I DO NOT have to see her face!

I leave the room, so she can get changed into whatever ninjas change into, and I feel crushed that my fun is ruined with this image of her covered in blood! Oh man! and I thought that I could corrupt her and everything!
I can STILL corrupt her in other ways though! And I break into a big smile at the thought. I know you are thinking GET A LIFE OZZY, but my life is empty so I have to find ways to entertain myself ALRIGHT?
I was lost in my thoughts, when I got a phone call from Kevin

“Yo Ozzy. The deal is tonight, are you coming or not?”, he asks in his usual non “Hi” non “How are you manner”
“Sure, where are we gonna meet up?”, I ask him.
“Finsbury Park this time. Same place like last time”, he informs me.
“Alright meet you there”, I reply.

I go back to my room and change to go to Finsbury Park, I have been waiting for this moment for a long time man. Kevin does not trust anyone with……. I am sorry but this strictly confidential between me and the boss ;)

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You know what? I still think this is the story of ahmed. I want sheima to marry ahmed when she leaves ozzy

NO, I want Ozzy to turn his life around and for him to get married to Sheima for real. I hope this isn't the story of Ahmed; I just don't see Sheima and Ahmed happening man.

Aww, this was too short, especially after waiting a whole week! Please make the chapters longer, or at least post them quicker. Just as I was getting into it it finished. Love the story by the way :)

Asalamu Alykum everyone. Just wanted to clarify that I wrote these stories years ago and it was on my FB page and that is why they are short. Jazakum Allah Alf Khair for all your positive feedback. I am a single mother of two, one child with special needs so my stories tended to be short :) Love you all for the sake of Allah, May Allah bless you for all your support.

cant we read it on fb?

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