Oct 25, 2013

Magic: The Deadly Kufr (Part 2)

By Anum Ali

Part 1


In Part 1 of this article, we looked at how magic evolved. Let us now see the present situation of magic and how to safeguard ourselves from it.

Magic Today 
Chaos Magic, or Chaos Magick, is a school of magical tradition that uses belief systems to create and modify magical methods. There are various forms of magic, some color-coded such as red for combat, taught under Chaos Magic. Black magic is the branch of Chaos that deals with death, destruction, and severance (cutting ties of relationships). Voodoo is an African religion, the followers of which form bonds with the dead and seek their council to foresee and regulate affairs of the present and future. Since the Islamic belief negates power of the dead, it is elaborated that voodoo is a connection with devils, not dead spirits. This devil-soothsayer bond is the very same that the Qur’an describes from the time of Prophet Sulayman.

Illusionists and magicians of the entertainment industry also fall prey to a lot of controversy. Performing larger than life illusions to imitate godly powers, replicating prophetic miracles such as raising the dead and walking on water, are simply innovations and shirk which carry equal punishments.

The moral and religious decline of people, particularly in South Asian countries such as Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh, contributes to widespread plague of dirty magic. There is a case in every family, almost, or a conspiracy that some relative or the other pays people to inflict curses.

Effects of Magic 
Since magic is done through Shayatin, it is essential to know Shaytan’s strategy of ruining people. According to a Hadith (4:2167) in Sahih Muslim, narrated by Jabir bin Abdullah, the closest and dearest of emissaries that Shaytan embraces is the one who succeeds in separating a man and his wife. The separation occurs as one of the spouses, or both, imagine that the other spouse is ugly, ill mannered, or deceiving. Additionally, there are spells that can inflict disease, failure, and misery upon a person or a group of people such as a family.


It is essential to realize that Allah is the All-Powerful and sorcerers and Shayatin cannot do as they please unless by Allah’s Will. Allah allows their magic to harm a person either to test his faith, or to punish him for an evil deed. Having realized why magic affects people, the best ways to safeguard oneself is to strengthen one’s faith in Allah, and to seek His repentance for all misconduct, intentional or unintentional.

Additionally, Allah has revealed in Surah An-Nahl that Shaytan is powerless in front of strong believers who cherish faith and approach no one for help but Allah. Muslims who turn to others to seek help, for instance the supposedly good sorcerers who counter black magic; these Muslims symbolize a compromise in trusting Allah and hence rob themselves of His Mercy. Allah has provided the cure so easily in the Qur’an. Surah Al–Falaq and Surah Al-Nas are titled to be Mu’awwidhatayn (the two for seeking refuge). They are regarded as permissible ruqyah (recitation for healing or protection) against magic. Reciting them regularly is a prophylaxis, a preventative measure, against Shaytan’s trickery, evil of Jinns, and of men.

Unfortunately, people underestimate the power of Allah’s words because they are immaterial, concise, and easily accessible. Instead, they rely on self-proclaimed saints, mystics, sorcerers, and other entities who give them amulets, written prescriptions, and potions to cure the effects of black magic. Obviously, they are fraudulent remedies, the seeking of which put individuals out of the fold of Islam because they commit shirk when they seek another entity’s help.

Remember, what comes to you, good or bad, is from Allah. Accept it, instead of whining that a negative event is an effect of black magic. Even if it is, only a strong faith, repentance, and ruqyah are enough to solve the matter.

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