Oct 18, 2013

Magic: The Deadly Kufr (Part 1)

By Anum Ali

Part 2


The roots of magic can be traced way back in history until before the time of Prophet Sulayman (Solomon), peace and blessings upon him. An explicitly declared kufr (disbelief) by Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala in the Qur’an, that continues to plague the world through human beings who sell their soul to the devils (Shayatin). Sorcerers know of spells that can separate a man and his wife, cause physical harm, ruin social and financial affairs, and create hurdles in the way of one’s happiness and success. The knowledge of Qur’an and Hadith; however, is very essential to realize that sorcerers are powerless unless their magical antics are allowed to harm a human being for the purpose of testing faith. Self-defence exists for those who seek to find it in the Wise Words of Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala and the teachings of Prophet Muhammad sal Allahu aleyhi wasallam.

Origin of Magic: Harut and Marut of Babylon & Prophet Sulayman
Surah Al-Baqarah in the Qur’an narrates the origin of magic in the city of Babylon (Babil in Arabic). During the time of Prophet Sulayman, but before his prophet-hood  the devils used to ascend to heaven and eavesdrop on conversations of the angels. The angels talked about future events on earth that had been planned by Allah’s Will. These events were news concerning incidents, accidents, deaths, lives, and other unseen matters. With this secret knowledge, the devils would descend back to Babylon and convey the affairs to fortune-tellers  These fortune-tellers would then narrate the knowledge of the unseen to the people who would consider them as all-powerful folk of great knowledge; hence, committing shirk.

The bond of trust between the devils and fortune-tellers began to malfunction as the devils began to lie and make up false news. Their deceitful words, trickery, and curses were recorded in books by the people. Two angels, Harut and Marut existed in human form at that time and were vested with responsibility from Allah to test and try the people by leading them to the source from where they could learn magic. Whenever a man would approach the angels and ask them to teach him magic, they would first explain that magic is a form of disbelief (kufr) and should not be learned unless one wishes to provoke the wrath of Allah upon himself. They openly revealed that they were planted as a test for the people by Allah. If however the person continued to insist, they would direct him to a place where Satan met him and taught magic.

When Prophet Sulayman was sent as a Prophet, he collected the books from the people and had them buried under his throne, hidden from sight, never to be used. A death penalty was ordered for any of the Children of Israel who claimed that the Jinns knew of the unseen.

Time passed on after the death of Prophet Sulayman, and gradually all scholars and folk who knew of the secret of Prophet Sulayman’s throne passed away. Satan appeared in the form of a human in the new generation and informed the people that a treasure lay under Prophet Sulayman’s throne. Myths and legends and movies address “Solomon’s Treasure” as well. The books of magic; therefore, were retrieved. Satan falsely persuaded the Children of Israel to think that Prophet Sulayman was a sorcerer and his gifted miracle of communicating and controlling Jinns and animals added to the evidence. The people therefore, began to learn magic from these books.

Selling the Soul to the Devil
A person who teaches, learns, and practices magic has sold his soul to the devil and Allah’s curse is upon him. This fact can be elaborated from the narrative of Harut and Marut of Babylon in the Qur’an. Whoever insisted to learn magic was directed by Harut and Marut to a place where they were asked to urinate on a pile of ashes. As the person would do so, the shining light of faith within them would depart from his body and he would see it fly away until it disappeared into the heaven. A black smoke, described as Allah’s anger, would descend and enter his ears and the rest of his body. The learner of magic learns from the Shayatin and his affairs are conducted by them. He invokes Shayatin, instead of Allah, to carry out actions to harm people. This is a perfect equation for shirk i.e. associating partners with Allah and hence, kufr.

In Part 2 of this article we shall look at magic in the present world and how to safeguard ourselves from it.

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