Jan 28, 2015

Love and Hate for the Sake of Allah Part 2

By Asrar BenHoucine


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Why Islam Allows Punishments

Prophet Muhammad (sal Allaahu alayhi wasallam) fought to spread Islam; holy wars were fought because rulers refused to allow Islam to enter their lands; whereas Allah made it clear that Islam is for all mankind thus the message of Islam must reach each individual in its pure form. This is why Jihad took place. As humans we all have a choice in regard to the religion we follow. But no one should make that choice for us.

Allah subhaanahu wa ta’aala sent down the Shariah (Islamic Law) which includes tax (Zakat). Zakat, which is given to the less fortunate, is a means for the community to eliminate poverty. However, there are those who do not pay Zakat and they will get punished in this life by Muslim rulers and they will get a severe punishment in the Hereafter. Islam allows for punishment to be carried out in order to bring stability to society.

Allah knows people can be selfish or even forgetful about others in need. So Zakat supports those in need. Giving up a yearly 2.5% of a working person’s income would not leave him in need nor will it make him financially poor. (Allah knows best indeed and He rewards those who give Zakat). As Muslims, we know that there are reasons behind every Islamic law and as Muslims we should have taqwa (trust in Allah) and trust His Wisdom.

A Mercy towards his Enemies

So how should we act towards the enemies of Islam? We cannot be rude or ignorant towards them. Islam teaches us to respect others and their religions. In Surah Kafirun, the Quran explicitly states that they have their religion and we have ours. As Muslims we are taught tolerance, manners, and respect. Our Prophet, Muhammad (sal Allaahu alayhi wasallam) is a great model for all this.

The prisoners of war taken captive at the Battle of Badr were amongst the Prophet’s bitterest enemies. Nevertheless, he made sure that they were given the best of treatment. Among them was Suhayl bin ‘Amr who was a fiery speaker and was denouncing the Prophet. ‘Umar, one of the Prophet’s closest companions, suggested that two of his lower teeth be pulled out so that he might not be so vile in his speeches. The Prophet replied:

Were I to do this, Allah would disfigure me on the Day of Judgement, despite the fact that I am His messenger.” (Bukhari)


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